cj12's Dow Trades


sounds fine ... but if i may suggest;

A) if you're then going to start charging for whatever it is you post, then can you please let us know at the outset....
B) please give as much detail about the basis of your system as can.... if possible, please give all details...

Hi cj12,

Any chance of giving a reason for your trades? I can see the sharp move down gave a good chance to go long but your reasons would be appreciated.
Do you think its possible for you to post all your trades on one thread rather than clutter up the site with lots of different posts per trade?

Might be easier to start your own thread and just add to it each time.
cj12 - congrats on your trades, but you just need to hit the 'post reply' button on your original thread to keep everything together!!!

Nice triple bottom at 9620 ish - looks like it could be support :cheesy:

Hi CJ12

I've merged all your threads together, which should make it easier for people to follow :)

Most of the active posters on here trade for a living. It's a mixture of various instruments ranging from US futures to FOREX and everything in between :)
start with 10 lots,,sold 5 lot at 95, now long 5 lots from 84 stop 79