Trading Coaches Who Are They ?


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With the varying comments of trading coaches available I thought it would be a good idea to conduct a survey of those that are available as a prelude to conducting a poll of how good they are. So far I am aware of the following but please add to this list any I may have missed out. The only proviso is that they are relatively well known to the Trade2Win members

The coaches I am aware of are

The Blind Squirrel TBS)
Alan Rich (Naz)
Mr Charts
Vince Stanzioni
Darren Winters

Who else have I missed?



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Hi Felix,
I think you are treading on very thin ice with your last two selections -------(get your barricade up now :cheesy: )


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I dont know if I dare even suggest this one because of the previous controversy on here but he is a coach:

John Bartlett or John B as he is known on here.



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Felix. I remain an attendee of this site because of what I've picked up between the lines. I doubt a poll will help. I wouldn't waste my time here if I wasn't convinced there was some Spondulux at the end of it.

Newtron Bomb

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By just reading the posts from members on these boards you will find nothing but praise for...

The Blind Squirrel TBS)
Alan Rich (Naz)
Mr Charts

By the same criteria you will find an abundance of bad press for...
Vince Stanzioni
Darren Winters

Which leads me to ask, why do you want to know :?:
It would appear that you are looking to attend one such course presented by one of the above if this were the case it really depends on what you are looking for, clearly Mr Charts deals with US stocks along With Alan Rich who in particular specialises in Level 2.
TBS deals with , and i quote, " the basic tools of Technical Analysis. Enabling delegates to recognise trends, chart patterns, targets, entry and exit points for any traded equity, currency or derivative product."

So ask yourself what type of trading do you want to get involved with and find the best person to adhere to your needs


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I take it that the names which are mentioned, are the ones which have appeared within T2w- because there are dozens of other trainers/courses that i know of ( mostly in the US)- which most people here would not have heard of them.............


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Thiss BB is all about passing on information that, in the main, is substantiated by the many experienced members. We try to provide unbiased and truthful information when someone asks a question. The answers above are about as good and helpful as you are going to get.


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Is that the John Bartlett someone has written a report on Trader333 ? in the new seminar review ?


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all trading trainers are failed traders

but some work for trading companies looking after the trainees, and working with the trainee day in day out over months to provide the underlying skills and methodologies in how not to lose money and how to recognise key market signals

the other type of trainer charges private and gullible/keen/desperate/determined people money to teach them basics that the newbie would be far better to learn out of a book or from talking with real traders or from surfing the net

since then the newbie would have a chance to find a trading style that works - wheras trainers that charge will tend to instill in the newbie the same fundamental trading errors that caused the trainer to be an successful trader and therefore start training to earn a living

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Hi Stevet

I couldn't disagree more if I tried :confused:
Without trading coaches, I wouldn't be where I am today. Yes I could read books, but 1) I hate reading and 2) it's very different learning something from a book to being actively shown - if nothing else, the ability to ask questions is very important and you can't ask a book :(

Would you call these people failed traders?

Joe Ross
Alan Farley


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stevet, ok so you have made a blanket statement that all trainers are failed traders. for a minute lets assume that you are correct.
I am learning to trade. So can you please substantiate your claim and tell me how can I learn to trade profitably? Is there such a thing as a profitable trader?

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There r probably very few teachers/coaches who are good traders themselves because of the nature of the business, but they obviously do exist, though a minority.

to say 'all' trainers r failed traders I find a bit of a daft statement to be honest........unless of course u know them all stevet then I will take this back



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my reasoning that all trainers are failed traders

it is so so hard to cross that line and become a succesful trader - and the forces that drive you to that aspiration need to be so strong that once you have learned -

a) no way are you going to feel you can achieve anything in a day or even a week of training someone

b) why would you want to spend a day of your life training someone when you can be trading yourself and using the skill that is so hard to come by and so gratifying when you do it on all levels

c) you know when you are a trader - some of the things that people need to possess - so in the end you could be a profitable trader and a broke trainer since you would take hardly any students as you would spot the ones who did not have a chance -and pass on training them - but when someone is paying you - would you tell then it was a waste of time for them to pay you to train them - a moral dilema and a good way to go bankrupt as a trainer

and trainers will have a million reasons why it makes sense for them to train you and why they do it - but the reality is that that is how they make their money - not from real trading

there is just so much technical stuff and technical jargon in trading that someone is always gonna feel they got value from training - but unfortunealty making a profit year in year out to support a lifestyle maybe different from a few technical points about markets - and i stress the danger is that you are gonna pick up a style from the trainer which is why the trainer did not succeed at trading

but the point of my post is just to try to give another perspective to this point and since people tend to do what they are advised not to do - perhaps i am just a marketing guy for all trainers!
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