Traders Day 17th January

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Hi all

For those of you who haven't been before, every 6 month's there is a get-together of traders with a few speakers discussing everything trading related.

This time it will be held at The Red Lion in Hatfield at a cost of £25 per person (with any profits going to charity). There is only 50 spcae avalible though :(
The provisional programme for the next one looks like this

9-00 Introduction, housekeeping and welcome.
9-05 - Mike Elvin - Psychology and trading
10-05 - Helen Quenet - Trading, Systems and Teatime
10-25 - John Wright - Trading in the comfort zone
10-45 Coffee
11-00 Alan Rich - Nasdaq Level 2 Trading
11-40 Mike Gaunt - Trading futures and bonds
12-20 Brian Gordon - System trading options
13-00 Lunch
14-00 Richard Skerett - Anecdotal evidence
14-20 Roger Middleton - Index Option Strategies
15-00 Tea
15-15 Mike Diplock - Currency trading basics
16-00 Colm Harty - Asset Allocation
17-00 Evaluations and close

Click Here to download the the booking form :)

The complete details for the event are here:

If you need any details you can always e-mail HelenQu (who is running the event) direct here [email protected] or reply to this thread :)
What, Helens making the Tea!

10-05 - Helen Quenet - Trading, Systems and Teatime

Cannot miss this can we, especially after the scandal with her and TBS ;)
Apart from Helen who posts on here, who are all these people? are they from this BB ?
FTSE B- seems like the 17th is a Sat- which should be a good day to have a day away- i think i will attend...............

Hi CityTrader

Most are from here, or have posted in the past.

Helen Quenet =HelenQu
John Wright = JPWone
Alan Rich = Naz
Roger Middleton = RogerM
Mike Diplock = Dippers
Mike Gaunt - Sorry Mike, I've forgotten your T2W username

Sorry if I missed someone out.

Hi Al-Motor

I'm sure you'll enjoy it, I always do :)

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