Feedback from Traders Day


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33 forms returned.

How did you find out about today?

T2W - 11
CTS - 7
Helen 11
Friend recommended 2
“Helen kidnapped my dog and the booking form was attached to the ransom note” (Guess who!)

Did you like the venue? Food/Location/Comfort etc

Food good 11
Too cold 11
Diffcult to find/too far 6
Location good 7
Comfortable 3
Good/OK 24
Cold dining room 2

Do you feel the day was of value to you as a trader?

Yes - 33

What was of most value in the day?

Meeting other traders - 11
All good - 16
Presentations 3
Options session 1
JPWones session - 2
Mike Gaunts session 5
Les Carlins session 4
Andrew Marsh 3
Mike Diplock 4
Dave Baker 2
Mark Williams 2

If we were to do this again what would you like to be included?

Trading systems and strategies - 3
More on individuals experiences/trade examples - 2
More in depth TA - 2
Longer term trading 3
Options 1
Taking exits 1
Interactive group session 2
More of the same 3
Money/risk management - 5
Elliot wave 1
Level 2 2
Fibonnacci 2
Info on data feeds and software - 2
Record keeping 1
Q&A session 1
Scalping 2
Gann 1
Volume Analysis 1
Yes 9 (I think you all misread the question :) So it was clearly badly phrased sorry)

Offers to provide sessions:

Peter Griffiths – Charting
Mike Gaunt – UK equities CFDs vs Spreadbetting
Mark Williams – Ask
John Wright – Ask
Bob Gough – Websites, Software Options for TA, Avoiding Over Analysis
Mike Diplock – Yes
Duard Mosley – Papertrading
Henry O’Callaghan – Starting up trading
Chris Dee – Maybe
Dave Baker – P&F
Andrew Marsh – Yes
Les Carlin – Psychology
Roger M – Index options
Graham Good – Possibly

Actually it’s quite clear that we have enough willing victims (volunteers) to run another day (or two!)

If those of you that were looking for inspiration as to subject could have a look at the “wants” list and see if there is anything you feel like you could offer that would be great. I think an interactive group session after lunch would be a good idea, maybe a team game of chart analysis?

It would be helpful to discuss this now either on T2W or CTS. All contributions gratefully received.

I’ll be looking initially at the weekends of 5th/12th July (before kids break up for school hols). And I will try for the Old Sillhillians again.
Photo's Now Online

The photos for Traders' Day are finally now online.

These are available from the "Community" drop-down menu under "T2W Event Photos". Though not strictly a T2W event, there were a lot of T2W'ers there, so I hope Helen doesn't mind me adding them here.

Of course you could always go straight to the gallery page here:

Apologies Henry, I half suspected I'd get at least one of the names mixed up as I'd mislaid my programme for the day. Anyway now fixed! :)
Cheers - it was a bit of a shock to see I had apparently grown a beard overnight :D