Feedback from Traders Day


Established member
38 forms returned.

How did you find out about today?

T2W - 17
CTS - 9
TMF - 6
Pfscan - 2
Personal rec - 2
IFI - 1
Tradingspreads - 1

Did you like the venue?

Yes - 38

Do you feel the day was of value to you as a trader?

Yes - 36
I'm not a trader - 2

What was of most value in the day?

Meeting other traders - 25
Trading systems/TA - 7
All good - 6
JPWones session - 5
Chartmans session - 3
TBSs session - 2
Helens session - 2

If we were to do this again what would you like to be included?

Trading systems and strategies - 11
More on individuals experiences - 10
More in depth TA - 8
Money management - 5
Info on data feeds and software - 5
Point and Figure Charts - 3
Options - 3 (Simon Rowe has already volunteered!)
Trading Psychology - 3
Futures Trading - 2
Level 2 - 2
More of the same! - 2
Information on Traders Results - 1
End of day trading - 1
What makes a good trader - 1
Trading US stocks - 1
Trading currencies -1
Live trading by a full time trader - 1

Reading through this list the thing that strikes me is that many of the objectives could be met through more discussion of individual trades and styles. Say by people talking for 10/15mins on a trade which taught them something. It could include the reasons for taking the trade/TA or whatever. Trading methods, set up etc. The advantage of this formula is not placing too much stress on any one person as a presenter whilst also giving maximum exposure to peoples ideas. We would have to make sure they weren't all winners though. Not that you guys would be all macho.....would you? ;)

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