Programme For the 11th Jan


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I'll be sending out details to those of you attending individually later this week but I thought you might like to see how it has shaped up. I think it will be a good day.

I'm still looking for ideas re a venue for the meal afterwards. Unless we just find an unsuspecting pub :)

Provisional Programme For the 11th Jan

9-am Dave Baker (Small group of 10) -Pfscan

9-45 Introductions, Housekeeping etc Helen

9-50 Mike Gaunt – Trading Index Futures Using Direct Market Access and Spreadbetting

10-50 Coffee

11-10 Mike Diplock – Trading Futures Using Systems

12-10 Andrew Marsh – Day Trading High Beta US Stocks

12-25 Henry Eldridge Doyle – Taking Out the Human Element.

12-40 Lunch

13-40 John Wright – Trading the trends, tools and methods.

14-40 Peter Griffiths – Technical Analysis and Options

15-10 Tea

15-30 Helen Quenet – Trading Psychology - The APES model.

15-45 Mark Williams – Swing Trading US Stocks, Risks and Rewards.

16-30 Conclusions/ Evaulation/Close

16-45 Dave Baker (Small Group of 11) Pfscan
Am I missing something here? Is this a private party or can any one join in? :eek:)

I'm guessing that details have been posted elsewhere, but I can't find them. So, basically, who, what and where (the "when" being the only bit I can see.
Hi Roger,

if you look back on this board you'll see several posts relating both to January and the previous event in July.

jan 11

Is this is a get together with w2t members? If so, could you provide details of how to sign up? Thanks
Hi Helen,
Good luck with your PLANNED MEETING with the other members on the 11th. Jan. Do hope their will be some FEEDBACK from those that attend (don't forget the digital camera someone)
Thanks be-positive :)

I believe someone is bringing a camera. We even have someone coming over from Chicago for the day, so you have no excuse for not coming from Scotland ;)