The FTSE 2007


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I know UK Hero done a great job in 2006 and unfortunately he's not going to be doing his daily posts this year.

Lets hope we can get some discussions and ideas on this thread and try to do it some justice.


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This is a personal wish.
I would like to see some discussion on individual stock trends within the FTSE100.
The aim would be to trade stocks on the long and short sides with some balance in order to reduce or eliminate the overall market effect.
If you look at FTSE100 stocks over the last 12 months, there have been some significant divergences.
Mining and property based stocks have been up 50% to 90%. On the low side some shares have dropped out and quite a few have stagnated or dropped. These are like BP, Shell, ITV and the out of favours.
Considering the rise overall a flat market would see a range of possibly from +50% to -30% and a bear move would run even more to the low side of the range.
Taking into account the ease of trading short side these days, there should be some good profits to be made with a low risk.


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2,212 274 it rates up ... let's see how the FT likes that. Oops that was quick

Hook Shot

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Short lived slide but ........there'll be other times 6100 Puts should come down in price nicely now 99p to buy......

Go on Ftse get up there....


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I wonder how many people went long ( correctly ) yesterday pm or this morning, and had stops just below yesterdays low ?

Mornington Crescent

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yesterdays fall looks artificial - with hindsight.
advance/decline stayed positive throughout, so I expect a number of mm's just pulled their order book.


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Looks like one could short the FTSE with a stop just above 6100-6000 ish...
A break above 6340 could mean new highs as long as it is a convinving break.(.ie not a false one day thing )-6500-6600..HOWEVER the bearsih divergences seem to point to a weakening uptrend...(also the case for many of the major indices)..

chart attached



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Dunedin said:
Why leave all the forex traders to the live calls........ :LOL:

Short FTSE @ 6250 (using CMC) :-0
Bit close for comfort for a while.......... but closed one third at 30; stop on remaining to break even.