S&P 500 cash weekly competition for 2018 with PRIZES!


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This week was obviously a decider for CV who now has a winning lead for the fourth quarter competition and $100 prize.

However, the annual over all positions still may change if the heavens wish it so. Trader_JR could play strategically and abstein from forecasting in which case he'll win the over all annual prize $50.

Annual 2nd and 3rd positions are still up for grabs.

Two forecasts left for the end of the year guys. Make'm count. :)
Weighted average needs to buck it's ideas up .....Oscar is normally bottom :LOL::whistle:
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Hey guys,

Quick message from me.

If anybody would like to volunteer for doing the leaderboard in what ever way you feel and like subject to rules and regs as established, please feel free to step forward.

Dynamic year next year and time is going to get a little more precious. For the start anyway. I would appreciate a volunteer. Could also share the running of it. Perhaps I can be backup.

Have a think and let me know please. As they say on TV you can make it your own and change the way tables are done if XLS sheet is not your flavour.

Have a ponder and don't all shout out at once :)



Trader JR

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No wimping out from forecasting this week. Maybe next week if CV continues his winning form.......

2615 please
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