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Hi Guys & Gels,

Having used Norton anti-virus for some years, no probs, I've just updated to the new firewall protection, cos my membership was due to run out next month, but.....

I can't run CMC feed with the firewall turned on, it just stops the feed. It's even blocking symantic own updates! I've checked and allowed incoming sites/data from known sources but the firewall still insists blocking all traffic until I clear it or turn off the firewall.

Symantic are not much help, they keep sending me standard messages non of which seem to deal with this problem (as far as I can see) but then I'm no techie!

Any techies out there who use this new version and have solved the riddle?


Have you configured the firewall or are you running it "out of the box"?

Configured, I've been in & out of the various area's more times than a duck's in & out of the water... but like say, I have not found the key to get it working - YET!

Any suggestions - most welcome.

Take an even strain - patience.
I'm busy with a problem of my own just now but if you PM me with what you have done so far I'll try to help later today
SIng both Internet Security and NAV and CMC runs perfectly.

Your setup must be wrong ...
I had this problem a while ago. I seem to remember that the answer lay in the Java settings.

JIT Compiler only is needed on.
If you have norton personal firewall make sure your settings are set at 'medium' for security and privacy. A 'high' setting could be blocking cmc plc.
zebra: what version of NIS do you have? CMC/MM5 runs ok with
2002 and 2003. But what I do is, I configure NIS to alert me when
there is access attempted access. Then for MM5 for instance,
I give it full access.

If you have autoconfigure (default) set to on, I think the
problem maybe that MM5 is using a TCP/IP port which is outside
a certain viewable range. What you should do is find out from
CMC what ports their software uses and manually add those
ports into NIS.

I have used quite a few firewalls incl. sygate and found NIS to
be the best and most configurable.

My thanks to everyone who posted a reply, especially Ronvald for taking time out to help.

Still havn't succeeded in getting it working - according to BT satellite broadband it has something to do with their connections but they don't know what!!! Even after allowing 'permit' of all of their site & subsites, it still ain't working!

Can only think it must be something in the initial setup, so trying an uninstall/install to see if I can spot the mistake somewhere. It must be something very simple like an on/off choice somewhere that I haven't checked cos it's blocking everthing at boot-up - very strange!

Regards Zebra
I had the same kind of problem in the end, i switched to Zone-Alarm, you have much more control over how programs access the interweb, I found it much better than NPF