Company Of Pigs


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Female voice of aol just said "you've got company" - what does this mean? Now just this second I had the sound of a squealing pig from my speakers.My hard-drive died last tuesday(I was told by pc world software support) and was replaced on thursday.I had the squealing pig sound before this,but norton scans revealed no infection.I visited the symantec site for a virus scan and all was well.(I reinstalled norton before going back online) and I've also downloaded the microsoft blaster worm patch. In my network connections I have aol dial-up (disconnected-it says)but I'm using it!and when I click on properties to enable the firewall,the icon turns blue but nothing happens.
have you been inadvertently playing with your windows sounds perhaps :idea: - my son in law tells me they do a good line in pigs - I don't know - never use them
No,never touched the sound department. I only (try to) trade on the thing.

"You've got company" is someone in your email or buddy list has just logged on I think.
I the pig sound is either being sent by them or have you checked under your desk for pigs?