Which anti-virus s/w?


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I've recently got my wife a laptop so that I can hog the desktop. It runs XP Pro. I want to protect it with some antivirus s/w. I run Norton 2003 with a firewall, but before I buy another licence, is there any other (cheaper) alternative that anyone can recommend that will update automatically? The laptop is only used for emails and occasional web surfing, unlike the desktop which is connected all day.

Thanks in advance for any help.
Norton antivirus is the best in my opinion... once you've installed it it updates itself automatically, you don't have to worry about it.
The other mainstream package is McAfee which I don't think is as good..
My vote is Norton Corporate edition. Rock solid, autoupdates blah blah blah

McAfee can screw other apps up. For instance try installing Zone Alarm with McAfee running. I've had many weird and wonderful things happen when customers have been running McAfee and only one with Norton.

I am using McAfee in combination with Zonealarm Pro and never had a problem. Maybe I have just been lucky, or the free Zonealarm is not completely compatible with McAfee. McAfee has a firewall also, but I never tried it.

Iam running free anti-virus software -AVG- never had a moments bother.

Currently got it on all 3 PC's 2 XP & WIn '98.

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Roger: General info. My PC use to crash twice a week acouple of years ago. A tip from the I.T. department of my old firm was to delete my Nortons anti virus s.w. or any anti virus s.w. Since then I have been trouble free. Of course I have to take precautions I.E. Im wary of opening email attachments. I also think my problem was Windows 98. Of course the newer versions of windows may have have greater compatibility with anti virus s.w.
One advantage of windows 98 is that the hackers tend to go for the newer versions.
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The reason I changed to McAfee is the problems I had with Norton. Never could figure out why. After the change I am running trouble free.

You mentioned being wary of opening email attachments. This of course makes the chances lower of getting a virus. However it's no guarantee. Look at the latest MSBlaster / LovSAN worm, which travels without being part of an email attachment.

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I would recommend Sophos. I think I paid (two years ago) about £100 for three years. They sent me a downloadable file to protect me from Blaster on Monday night, long before it hit the news.
Have to say, I've been using Norton AntiVirus for as long as I can remember and I've been very happy with it. Works in the background, updates itself - not had any problems at all - it gets my recommendation.
Thanks guys. I love this bulletin board - there's always someone with an answer! :)
Hi Roger

I totally agree with trader333 get free AVG from Grisoft.
Have been using it for ages without a single problem.
Why pay for anything else.

Anti virus software

Hi all,
Just a note agreeing with the comments about AVG
from www.grisoft.com i found the system to be 100%
reliable (am i tempting fate here)
I also use the free firewall from Zone alarm, and having just
run the "Shields Up" programme ,recommended by Oatman,
it showed that neither my "Port 139" or my "NetBios" were
detectable / accessible.
McAfee is the only one to ever have caused problems. I dropped Norton as I didnt renew the subscription, slightly more hassle doing manual updates. Happy now with AVG & ZoneAlarm Pro.
I have put my tupence worth in on another thread but I have to agree with most of the comments above.

I use AVG free edition for anti-virus and zonelarms pro.. there is a free version from the comments above which i was not aware of and i should imagine will do just as well.

The combination is fool proof and i have had 8 months peace of mind since having this combination.... I just need to get a reliable computer and operating system that works
Another vote here for AVG and zonelabs - both have worked flawlessly for 3 years.
Have tried other AVs in the past and the only problems have been with norton - (updating seems a problem unless you have the very latest edition)