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hi board members-thank you for all the replies re downloading a file, I gott it sorted in the end by unzipping the files in the htmi version and double clicking start.

3 more issues that someone might be able to help on-any replies gratefully read;

1. bit of a sad story but i bought a new laptop and mistakingly assumed it had antivirus software pre-installed as the pc's i'd bought had!- bad mistake and of course by the time i realised this it had caught some viruses (mainly the klez worm that affected the system volume files) - so installed the avg free edition of it's anti virys package and the infected files were placed in the virus vault for healing. then some weeks later read a review about the alwil avast anti-virus package and decided to install it instead of the avg -so downloaded it and uninstalled the avg but of course all the files in it's virus vault went too, since then the laptop volume has been afftected with it being virtually silent. is there any way i can correct this without running the product recovery disk, and if I were to run the product recovery disks would this correct it and what are the other effects of doing so? (no further viruses since then.)

2. Purchased a second laptop a few weeks ago (toshiba) and before i had had a chance to install the antivirus software it had got the msblaster worm and sobig.f - so installed and ran avast which put the infected files in their version of the virus vault. I then installed AVG antivirus and turned off the avast but kept it's virus checker programme as more comprehensive than avg. now have avg installed and scanning, and zone-labs firewall so should have no further problems. But the viruses are quarantined in both the avg and avast virus vaults,. When i run both the avg and avast virus test both report no viruses found now (avast scanners are not running-only avg actually providing the protection, - i only use the avast for it's virus checking programme.) My question here is and in light of my problems on the other laptop mentioed above, Is it safe to delete the files in the virus vaults, which include system volume files?

3. The older laptop which is just over 1 yr old recently had a cooling fan problem and went away for repair which is now fixed, but it now freezes on the welcome bbmac 'installing your personal settings' screen as windows xp begins and will not go any further. I can only get in via the safe mode by holding down the f8 key when switching it on.

The only change i have made to the machine was to install the zone-lab firewall from a cd and then install again from a cd, the latest virus-database update from avg, which failed twice.

it was on restarting the machine after the second failure that the problem began. Thinking it might be a problem with a programme freezing windows i have uninstalled both AVG and the zonelabs firewall whilst in safe mode. (will reinstall before connecting to the internet, when problem solved.)

(incidentally had to alter the settings of the firewall as it was preventing access to the web.)
Any suggestions gratefully received



ps: both machines running windows xp home edition :eek:

With Zonealarm if you are getting problems accessing the web then download the latest version. Disconnect from the internet, uninstall the original version and then install the latest. It is important not to be connected to the web when uninstalling and reinstalling to prevent being infected by a virus.

I have had this problem once and it was also caused by installing from CD when I did the above it was fine.

Also make sure that you have set the options in Zonealarm to "Preconfigure" web access and I would suggest that you also set the "Programs must ask for internet access" option as well.

I have found Zonealarm to be excellent and any test I do at shows every port in Stealth Mode with my pc appearing not to exist on the net and you cannot get better than that.

I only suggested Sygate because some people do have problems with ZA while for others it runs smoothly. I wouldn't argue that it's a great programme. :cool: