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I think this suggestion deserves serious consideration. Given that moderating is apparently 99% subjective interpretation of CC and 1% the content, I concur that DT is one of the most subjectively effected individuals I've ever encountered. Given that the site until recently had a moderator who publicly admitted to having mental/emotional issues and he was still allowed to exercise oceans of his own very subjective interpretation, biases and delusions, I don't see how DT would be that bad a choice. At least we know he's going to be unpredictably ineffective in the role.
No delusions! I still have the screen shots proving that you are in fact a multinc / multi personality nut job. Not to mention the bcc e-mails emails i have from you to the admin begging for me to be banned. (under various usernames)

If anyone here is delusional, its you sir.

Where's the Irish accent gone Pat?

£20 quid says the OP of this thread is also you!
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