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Damn so that's why the gardening cv never were headhunted by sharky..gazumped again
right kidz listen up! this is wot happened to skim....

how do i know? well, in a previous life the silly modz gave me access to their private boards when they banned me - so its all true....

skim (real name alice) HATED sharky with a passion. why you ask?
because sharky did nothing to stop ppl knocking socrates and then accused skim of having an AFFAIR with socrates (or bertie as he likes to be known) skim also noticed that t2w was going down the piste pretty quick cos sharky cant be bothered with t2w much anymore and has a 9-5 job elsewhere so t2w is just a hobby for him, which she wont 2 pleased at given all the time she put into t2w for no (financial) reward. there was this amazing list of pms that sharky posted from skim for all the other mods (and me) 2 c.

shame on u sharky - all the hard work alice put into the site and u extract the urin e by posting her PRIVATE pm's for all to see. BUT, its gets worse....!

there was this MASSIVE slanging match between the mods about who should repace alice/skim - trust me - the mods are more childish than i am - can u adam & eve it? the only sane 1 is ftsebeater & poss rossored
they all wanted trader333 but he wanted nothin 2 do with them (understandably) so the toss up woz between frugi (well done m8 - u'll need it ;) ), tradersmart, jonnyt (who they stamped on cos hes a vendor - which is unfair cos chartman/martin is too), sidnunk and a few others. sadly i woznt a contender. wonder why.

there was a load of stuff about all u naughty boys who had multiple nicks. it seemed like about half the board, and half the 'faces'/regular ppl all had em - EVEN THE MODS THEMSELVES!!! THE DISGRACE OF IT!!!

remember our old friend rognvald? well he had about 4 of em! the only 1 I remember is dynamite - but he did have more - AND they let him keep 1 so that he can still post here - saving face after leaving in disgust.

there was everybodys private email addresses and ip numbers - but i wont post them and make them public cos that would not be fair - and put me in the same level as chartman (who i can also reveal IS A TRANSVESTITE WHO LIKES TO TOUCH UP LITTLE TRADERS!)

well i cant blame u guys can i cos this is obviously another nick (my old 1 dont work anymore hehehehehe) - hey its all good fun!

hmm wot other scandal can i reveal? hmmmm................

well remember that chap sun123 (or something like that) who asked for help after losing 20k spread betting - well that is infact cj!! yes! that chap who everyone regards as a great trader - just goes 2 show. again the MODS let him keep his 'alias' cos hes popular and had a good excuse - we trade from the same office and use the same computer - no wonder they cant afford a 2nd after losing all their/his cash!!

the big impression i did get though was that most of the 'faces' on t2w are vendors! most of the uk trading industry seems to be on these boards. that means all the old regulars are mascerading as traders when they are not (how many newbies here had chartman jumping down yr throat with the hard sell when u joined - why else would he want to be a mod? - to ban people who know he talks sh!te perhaps??).

well thats all 4 now folks - more 2 come later maybe (- depends if sharky starts behaving rationally)
I might have to censor that @ sign you know! Ah, they're ok. When they're not jealously protecting their market share, inflating their egos or causing trouble for the pointless sake of it, of course. Eyes open, neutral, firm and fair as best I can :) Cheers for the good wishes GJ.
Congratulations to frugi ... looking forward to his moderation. And if Skimbleshanks has more time for posting as a result of her forthcoming immoderation, I won't be at all sorry.
We're very pleased to welcome our newest T2W site moderator, Barjon.

Literally a 'Legendary Member', Barjon is a veteran of the site with over 1000 posts under his belt , nearly two years registration on the site and an impressive 5 star user rating. We are very grateful for his continued support and willingness in helping to make these trading forums the best there are.

This announcement also gives me the opportunity to thank again all our existing site moderators (ChartMan, FTSE Beater, Rossored, Frugi ) for volunteering their time and effort in assisting with housekeeping duties and taking time out to lend their ear and thoughts on future plans and existing site issues.

Welcome on board, Barjon! :D
Yes welcome Barjon.

Now, if you could get stuck into the following threads, and ban the following members, that would be a great help. It's just a short list - 31,000 or so... :LOL:
A heartily thirded welcome to our new helmsman. Bienvenue Barjon :)

By way of initiation into the mod fraternity you are of course required to edit a randomly chosen post *coughchinosahemcough* and make the innocent poster look rather silly in front of 30000 members. Honest, we all had to at one point. ;)
be careful frugs, or i'll make you swallow some cod liver oil for that tickly cough.

tixylix it aint...
Thanks guys

Have to set about my own posts first - that'll take 'til Christmas :LOL: FC's other ones should be up to about 1000 by then and if I'm still out of pocket following them ........ :devilish:

good trading

trader28 said:
Welcome Barjon, sure do look forward to being banned by you.... hurry, there's a line

thanks t28 - just being Australian doesn't count, so you're safe for the moment. ;)

good trading

fire at will, Barj..


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i see that is now posted on yet another site.

seems to have got me in my best light..

how on earth does it remind you of my nickname?
FetteredChinos said:
i see that is now posted on yet another site.

seems to have got me in my best light..

how on earth does it remind you of my nickname?
There's a moment where a Romanian word that sounds like fettered cheese is accompanied by a photo of said cheese