Restructuring of Forum Groups & Withdrawl of T2W Advisor role


Following on from Nika's announcement of the new Forum Moderators group earlier today, I'd like to announce further restructuring of the forum groups and our decision to withdraw the Advisor role.

Let me start by taking this opportunity to give a BIG thank you to all our Advisors for volunteering their time and effort in performing this role, particularly with regards to private discussion regarding new site initiatives - which is something not at all visible on the public boards, but nevertheless has been an important factor in helping to improve the site.

As you might recall when we first launched the Advisor role, our main concern was getting a group of members together who would act as a focus group to discuss new site initiatives. Back then there was just myself, EK1 and the Mods available for private discussion and considering the impact some of the new initiatives would have it really wasn't sufficient. Since then the Staff has expanded and we've got Nika, Jodh, Androosh, Trader33 and timsk all playing important parts in the smooth running of the site. Having this extra resource has really helped to focus in on what the site needs are going forward.

We've spent a lot of time discussing the types of forum groups the site needs going forward and after careful consideration, we feel that the Advisor role isn't working as well as it could, and would be better replaced by two new groups, called Forum Moderators and Forum Guides.

Hence, the new list of Forum Groups will become:

- Staff (all paid staff of T2W, each with a different area of responsibility)
- Global Moderators (the new name for the existing Moderators that moderate across all forums, led by our Community Manager - Nika)
- Forum Moderators (junior moderators with reduced moderation powers who will moderate specific forums only, led by our Community Manager - Nika)
- Forum Guides (tasked with housekeeping a forum and maintaining a new sticky guide linking to the best threads and other information relating to that topic, led by our Content Manager - timsk).

The tasks previously performed by the Advisor role will be transferred to these groups. For example all groups will be able to offer feedback on new site initiatives, tasked with reported posts, breaches of site guidelines, and assisting new members where appropriate.

The biggest advantage of this new approach is that each of the Groups listed above will have some actual control over content. This negates a criticism that was made regarding the Advisor role which was that, apart from private discussions about new site initiatives, the rest of the responsibilities like reporting posts, breaches of site guidelines and assisting new members could already be undertaken by regular members.

We'll publish more specific details of the new Forum Guide role tomorrow.

On the front page under meet the team it still lists advisers.
Good point Elefteros - I missed that. We'll remove that and update it to show Global/Forum Moderators. Cheers.