New Site Moderator


We're very pleased to welcome Frugi as a new T2W site moderator.

As a veteran member of the site with over 500 posts under his belt , nearly two years registration on the site and an impressive 5 star user rating, many of you will no doubt already be familiar with the latest member of our team.

He'll be joining ChartMan, FTSE Beater, Rossored and myself with helping to moderate the forums. Regrettably, Skimbleshanks has decided to relinquish her moderator status, so Frugi's appointment is a timely one and will help us to maintain T2W as a friendly and professional online trading community that adheres to the codes of conduct set out in our site guidelines.

I'd also like to take this opportunity to thank all our site moderators for volunteering their time and effort in assisting with the site, they don't get paid to do this and yet they do a fantastic job in helping to keep the forums in check.

Welcome on board, Frugi!


good work old bean.

special handshakes and wotnot.

RIP Skim though, im not sure Frugi's knitting is up to scratch.

Well done Frugi .... :cool:

Also wish Skim well..!! what every she's upto these days....

Yeh – But on the rumoured huge over inflated Mod’s wages and index linked pension, is there risk that Fruges might prefer the dolce vita to trading….?!

I’ll be following his daily P&L closely……

And if I think that your trading skills are slipping due to distractions Fruge, you will be in line to be ‘moderated’….!...... ;)

Yours moderately....
Good for you frugs, you're a braver man than me Gungadin! :LOL:

RIP Skimmy - you're already sorely missed. :cry:

Thanking you all most kindly for the warm welcome :p

I'm chuffed, excited and nervous in equal proportion. Actually make that a 38.2% nervous weighting.

My knitted pelt is designed to insulate me from the corruptive influences of super mod power (although in quiet moments I might stalk young Daphne for light entertainment :p).
I'll rack 'em, you crack 'em.
Available for sidekick duty at reasonable rates.

Denied the pleasure of editing your small if/is typo too - grr I've got to practice somehow you know :)
Tony, ive already made that gag today.

go to the back of the class.

welcome back frugi. for a while i was worried how little you were monitoring the BB, considering your newfound status. :)

dont forget us when you become famous......
frugi said:
Denied the pleasure of editing your small if/is typo too - grr I've got to practice somehow you know :)
I could feel you breathing down my neck as I raced at break-neck speed to correct it. Or was it your little woolly nose I could feel....(I hope it was your nose...!)...all that talk of Daphne - one never knows....
ooo this is like Mills and Boon.....

..and then he unbuttoned his blouse to reveal a matching set of woolly nipples, perfectly formed, and ready for action.....
I might stalk young Daphne for light entertainment :p).

You'll have to take your place in the queue Frug - there are plenty before you....!.... ;)

(must stop winking..... :( )
Rumour has it that my days are numbered here.

I wonder if I'll be the first person that Frugi has to swing the axe against?

Time will tell.....................