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it would have to be a huge board imo. with 5 mods on i will guarantee you'll be tripping over each other big time.

but have fun with it, don't feel too peeved when you spend several minutes editing a thread to keep it live. only to find your masterpiece has been deleted while you edit (y)
I actually moderate on another, smaller board that has 6 mods, so I agree with you. For better or worse. :cry:

I don't think it's that bad, though. Most of the time the most you'll get is a "this thread has already been moved" message or something. Only hurts your pride if you wanted to get there first. :p


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So without further delay, let me welcome tar, vielgeld and ffsear to the moderation team. They will have full moderation powers from day one.

Please help them to do their jobs properly and remember they are your moderators. They are here to make sure that the community is a good place to be and that everyone involved works within the guidelines, dealing appropriately with those that don’t and doing this free from staff influence and attacks from their fellow members.

How do you pronounce that name?

Doesn't bode well as a moderator name to me. Of all the names one can pick - that's pretty lame one to favour...

Call me old fashioned if you must :eek:

There is the possibility I have misinterpreted the abbreviations and happy to be corrected. :)


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fire over the list of "moderator names" and i'll pick one ;)
There you go old boy - most appropriate would you not agree? Feel free to let your imagination run riot. I'm not fussy or anything :whistling



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That would be fun
I was thinking about few other members, but that could be extreme

Anyway I think Shakone as a moderator with full powers to delete/ban on the spot would improve the quality considerably
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I'll let Mr Shakone reply to this.
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"... behead joe and 15"

Bite me. I don't think there's anything for me here. Just a bunch of loosers and those on the brink. I have commented long ago that this had been the most value-less forums I had ever used. The situation hadn't changed even after giving it considerable time. With the lulz drying up, there's not much going for it.

Interaction between people generally creates value for all. None that I could see.

When I first joined, this place was thriving. I left briefly then came back and suddenly the place was like a ghost town. Now, it's spammas' hangout central. This place clearly has been moderated to death. It might seem illogical, but doing the "right thing" is not always the right thing to do. To be successful, you really got to have a little extra something.
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Thank you for contributing your own valueless posts, you've certainly done your bit to get us to where we are.
Crazy isnt it. The 15min tlb deluional guy who escaped fron rampton is another one. If I owned a business and some clown continually shat on it I know what I would do.

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Crazy isnt it. The 15min tlb deluional guy who escaped fron rampton is another one. If I owned a business and some clown continually shat on it I know what I would do.
i see today they have taken exception to a link he posted. so guess maybe they're setting up a link spam charge sheet to get him??

free the 15 link i say, it surely wasn't bad was it? :p
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