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I'm all about saving lives.

The article Why Are Medical Bills Killing Us is very difficult for me to read & accept.

I certainly hope something can be done to correct our health care insurance system.

The number one priority of hospitals & health care should be to treat patients & save lives. The goal in my opinion should be focused on helping folks who are ill get treatment & providing a road to recovery.

Health Care Workers are heroes of society & deserve to be compensated well. Doctors, Nurses and Medical Professionals all should be rewarded for their commitment to help folks, treat patients & save people's lives.

Maybe the higher ups could help reduce costs?

Profiting off sick people who need help should not be the main priority. The American health care insurance system really needs some help right now.

America has by far the highest cost associated with health care. I'm not sure how best to help correct the problem. I'm only attempting to raise some awareness so that hospitals & health care can treat more patients & save more lives.

Thanks for Reading
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I'm no hero, but am committed towards making an attempt at addressing our problems here in America. I'm a hard worker & willing to put in the time & effort to correct our climate & health care system. I love & care about people a great deal. I'm passionate about climate change & health care reform. I've tried my best to at least make a small difference by raising awareness to save & protect our people & planet.


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When it comes to climate change & renewable energy we are already making a difference.

Electric Vehicles, Solar Panels & Wind Turbines are all advancing in technology. As the technology improves the cost associated with them will only improve as well.

In the big picture we are looking good. By 2035 all new vehicles will be all electric. There are government stimulus programs for solar panels & installations. I've heard the stimulus programs include 100% coverage of the solar panels & installations. After installation your energy bill can be free. I've heard you can actually sell power back to the grid & receive a monthly check from your utility company.

Once you are independent & free from the utility company you are also free from any potential blackouts. Some electric vehicles are even capable of providing energy to power your home in case you are dependent upon the grid.

We should all be happy today with our progress. We still have an extremely long way to go but we are all Embracing positive changes into our lives. We are really starting to make a difference & address our urgent needs. To me it feels great.

Eventually we will be free from gas, oil & coal.

We celebrate the 4th of July as our independence day. Right now we are all working towards being less dependent upon gas, oil & coal. It's a good day with some good positive news. Thank Goodness!

Anyways, I'm going to get going.

Everyone have a nice day.

Thanks for your interest & in reading.

Uncle Ashton


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Hi guys.

I would like to sincerely apologize for my unconventional views. My only goal when I post is to make an attempt to help improve America & the world. I'm far from perfect & sometimes misunderstood. I'm not always going to be right or have great advice. I just do my best to share my perspectives & voice my own opinions.

It's kinda sad & frustrating sometimes for me. Maybe people are making so much money off of Health Care no one wants to restructure it? Maybe I'm wrong to think that. I'm not sure. There may not be a simple solution for a health care reform. Maybe President Obama & Biden named the Act Affordable to motivate people to reduce insurance premium rates?

I am certain however that Hospitals & Health Care Services are intended to treat patients who need help, cure illnesses & save lives. The number one priority of health care should not be to maximize profit off of people. Treating sick patients who are in need of help to recover & saving lives should be priority number one.

I wish I was more knowledgeable & could offer more insight & inspiration to help correct the rising insurance rates. They are currently rising at an unsustainable rate right now. If anyone has any ideas or ways to help please feel free to post.

My apologies if I upset or offended anyone. I'm just sharing my thoughts, views & voice so we can all improve & save more lives.

Anyways, everyone have a nice night.

This is a stock trading forum. I'll get back into posting about the market & trading stocks.

Please forgive me if I upset anyone.

That wasn't my intention.

Hope we all have a good night.

I'll try to post again tomorrow.

Take good care.


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Hi guys.

Market produced some great results yesterday.

Glad we had a nice day on Friday.

My portfolio is way down since the beginning of the year tho.

Maybe we will be able to start achieving some great success together again.

I'll make an effort to post everyday like I was when we were all achieving great success together.

I do believe the market was at an all time high to start the year. Frustrating for me bc I wasn't able to post or trade any stocks while i was in & out of the hospital.

I'm feeling well & healthy now thank goodness.

My goal is to stay safe, stable & healthy enough to live life free from the hospital.

I'm in a new home where I'm more independent & enjoy more freedom to cook meals, shop & walk to get some much needed exercise.

So far so good.

I like living in my new home a lot. My roommates are all cool & the staff is awesome. Our home is located in Rochester Michigan. It's in a cool, nice area & we get to go for outings every week. I'm allowed to cook meals for us which I really enjoy.

I have so much more freedom with community access. I'm free to visit with family & also allowed to volunteer again as well. My goal is to start donating time at the public library & humane society once a week.

Hopefully everything stays cool & I'm able to stay safe n stable here. Family outings to the park to picnic & bbq should be awesome. Bowling was a great time for us as a family. Its really nice to be more productive & active again. I enjoyed my time at Courtyard. I miss the folks there very much, but am also very happy to be in my new home.

Happy to be here & get a fresh new start at life.

Anyways, Michigan is on a bye week today.

I believe they play Michigan State next Saturday.

Should be a good game.

Michigan is looking really solid & playing some great quality football this year. Should be awesome to watch them play their next couple games. I do believe they are contenders for a national championship this year. Ohio State is also playing great ball. That UofM OSU game should be an awesome one.

Thankful we have U of M to watch while the Detroit Lions are rebuilding.

Well, just wanted to touch base & let everyone know I'm doing well here in my new home.

I'm only 10 minutes from my parents now & a lot closer to my family.

Hopefully everything goes well for me here.

A new day & a new beginning of a more independent life. I have high hopes & potential to live a great life here.

Everyone enjoy the nice weather & have a good weekend.

Uncle Ashton


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Hi Trade 2 Win

We all had a good week here at home.

Decent week on the market as well.

I looked into Fridays results & was happy to see all the green graphs.

It looks like gradually the stock market will get back to producing some great results for us again.

I was able to spend some quality time with my mom on Wednesday thanks to my community access. We were able to enjoy a nice lunch at Applebees. It was a good day.

Now my goal is to add some community service into my weekly routine. I plan on starting volunteering next week at the humane society.

Michigan plays Michigan State tonight. Should be an exciting game of football. Go Michigan!

I've been cooking dinner for our house recently. I made a really good lasagna & penne ala vodka for all of us. Tonight I'm making some breaded hot buffalo wings. Should be a nice meal.

Anyways, hope everyone is happy, healthy & enjoying our weekend.

Let's all believe in more green graphs & support our stock market. Everything should be fine.

Green Graphs for our Green Companies.

Thanks for your interest & in reading my posts.

Take Good Care

Uncle Ashton


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Good Morning Trade 2 Win.

I believe we had a good week on the market.

I'm doing well.

Enjoying my new home with more independence & freedom.

I've been doing quite a bit of cooking for our house recently.

I'm still waiting for approval to volunteer & looking forward to it very much.

Thank Goodness the most recent hurricane in Florida wasn't a major disaster.

Michigan football is still undefeated and looking great every week. We were able to beat both Michigan State and Nebraska. Now it's a home game against Illinois & then off to play Ohio State in Ohio.

Great for the Big 10 & for Michigan.

Everyone enjoy our weekend.

Keep those graphs green.

Take Care.

Uncle Ashton


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Good Morning T2W

Thanksgiving is on Thursday!

Looks like the market is slowly gaining again.

We plan on celebrating as a family this Saturday.

My mom n Dad are all getting together this Thursday as well.

Congratulations to Michigan football.

Off to Ohio now for a huge game against OSU.

Looks like winter has arrived throughout the country.

I believe there were some wild snow storms out east pilling upwards to 6 feet of snow in some parts. Another extreme weather event. Not sure if you can connect those storms to climate change.

I'm enjoying my new found freedom with community access. Still planning on volunteering once or twice a week. I've been getting in some exercise by walking recently. Feels great to be free to walk again.

I'm going to be in charge of cooking Thanksgiving dinner this year at my folks home.

We will have a traditional Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday. On Thursday I plan on cooking up some crab cakes, lemon herb penne pasta salad with cherry tomatoes & sweet peas. Sweet potato pie for dessert.

Everything is cool here. Looking forward to a nice Holiday season this year.

Take Good Care

Uncle Ashton


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I love Michigan & living close to Detroit.

Just wanted to congratulate the Detroit Lions for 3 wins in a row. I believe in Dan Campbell & think he is a great fit for rebuilding our nfl team.

It will take time, but I believe he will turn our Detroit Lions Team into winners.

Go Lions!

Let's beat Buffalo this Thanksgiving.


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Happy Thanksgiving T2W!

We have a great day of good food, family & football today.

C'mon Lions, let's go for 4 wins in a row!

Lots to be thankful for today.

I was able to make it to the Rochester Hills Public Library & submit an application to volunteer. Hopefully I will be able to start donating my time there very soon.

Let's all give thanks to be able to make a difference this year. Please believe in being part of the solution. A little effort from a lot of people can go a long way.

If I can not do great things, I can do small things in a great way. - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

What you believe you can achieve.

Many folks have no food to eat today & will starve to death. Let's do something to help feed the hungry so folks in poverty don't die of starvation.

Listen, Learn & Grow.

Replace Hate with Love & Happiness.

May we all have an awesome holiday today.

Happiness & Good Health for everyone on earth.

Gleaners Food Bank & Forgotten Harvest are just 2 of many places to donate food & time.

Let's help provide awareness to our hunger problem so we can all make an effort to solve the issue. If everyone unites & makes an effort maybe we could make a huge difference.

Let's all help out.

I don't believe in letting anyone on earth starve to death.

We have Costco & Sam's Club here in America.

Let's all make an effort to share with the world.

Many people need our help.

Maybe we could all provide some food for the folks starving to death in the world.

Please help out any way you can.

Give thanks for human life & the food you eat this Thanksgiving.
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