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I do have some cute little nieces & hansom nephew to love & care for. Tomorrow should be another great day with family. I'll make sure to do my best to be there for them.

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Hi guys!

We had a great time as a family yesterday. My Dad used to be on the bowling team & took home first place. We all played pretty well tho & had a really good time together. My nephew Maxwell was able to bowl with a ramp. He seemed to really enjoy himself & was happy to be there. I believe that was his first trip to the bowling alley.

We all went back to my parents home for a nice thai food dinner. If you've never tried the kalipop appetizers you may want to try them. They are really good.

Here are a few pics of our outing.
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You can tell have a smart education future because of their their build up. Good to see kids with a significant collection of books to read, these days I've seen that many parents don't bother (or enough) to start them on the culture of reading or general education. I've seen some parents get their kids some educational apps on their electronic devices but their goal is to let them on their own studying. I might be too old fashion but I'm very aware of using technology in kids at such short age.


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Felt like making a post today with a gratitude list.

Gratitude List

Happiness - Good Health - Friends - Family - Unconditional Love - Equality - Unity - Hard Work - Education - Listening - Learning - Growth - Positive Change - America - Constitution - Bill of Rights - Fairness - Protecting People - Saving Lives - Militaries - Heroes - Freedom - Peace - Prosperity - Joy - Life - Food - Shelter - Water - Home - Safety - Stability - Respecting Each Other - Treating people the way you would like to be treated - Honesty - Integrity - Loyalty - Devotion - Passion - Commitment - Acceptance - Improvement - Believing - Renewable Energy - Electric Vehicles - Solar Power - Wind Power - Embracing The Future - Kindness - Recovery - Hope - Better Tomorrow - Compassion - Strength - Guidance - Positive Mind - Accomplishments - Goals - Net Zero - Freedom From Fossilized Fuels - Peace In The Middle East - Clean Energy - Transition - Freedom From Coal & Oil - Sustainability - Affordable Health Care - Effort - Raising Awareness - Achieving Great Results - Working Together - A Bright Future

I'm sure there are many more ways to be thankful & grateful. I thought I would list a few I'm passionate about.

Saving Lives

Feeding The Starving

Many folks die every day because they have no food to eat. We can all help by providing meals for all those less fortunate folks who have nothing to eat. Please Help Save A Life.

Provide Clean Drinking Water

Many folks die due to illness in contaminated water. There are ways to help & contribute so that everyone on earth has safe clean water to drink. Please Help Save A Life.

Affordable Health Care

Please help raise awareness to our health care crisis. We should all try to unite & correct our current health care insurance system. You can read bitter pill by Stephen Brill for insight & inspiration. Please Help Save A Life.

Free Ourselves From Foreign Oil

Please bring about some peace in the middle east. Fossilized Fuels have created conflicts & wars over seas. We can all embrace clean renewable energy, electric vehicles & transition from foreign oil to green energy. If we all believe in electric vehicles & renewable energy we can avoid future wars over oil in the middle east. Support our Militaries & prevent soldiers from fighting future wars. Please Help Save A Life.

Help Clean Up Coal

The definition of coal is a charred piece of wood. There is nothing clean about coal. It is filthy. In my opinion there is no such thing as clean coal. Miners currently risk their lives to dig it out of the earth. Open pit mines have contamination buckets set up around mines to capture the pollution levels. The elderly & infants are at risk of getting sick next to the energy transfer plants where they burn it. There are also coal ash spills which can be very harmful to our environment. Please Help Save A Life.

Please Believe in Saving Folks Lives.

Please Believe in Saving Planet Earth.

Please make an effort to raise awareness to positive changes we can all embrace to save lives & save planet earth.

Sorry for the long post.

What you believe you can achieve.

Believe in Democracy.

Believe in Positive Changes.

Thanks for reading.

Everyone have a nice afternoon.

Take Good Care of Each Other.

Uncle Ashton


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Good Morning Everyone.

I thought I would make a few posts about Health Care Reform today. Please read with an open & positive mind.


I believe Barack Obama implemented his Obama Care, but since then it has changed to the Affordable Care Act.

Health Care Insurance Premiums are at a record high right now & becoming insured has never been more expensive.

What's the most important part of being an American? Being alive. So why is it so expensive & difficult for us as Americans to receive treatment to stay healthy & be insured?

Why are we in the middle of a crisis due to premium rates? I'm not 100% sure. Why don't we ask President Biden.

Maybe both Presidents Obama & Biden had good intentions to restructure health care, but there is nothing Affordable about the Affordable Care Act.

I don't have all the answers. I do know people lobby millions of dollars when it comes to Health Care.

I will provide a link to a TIME article written by Stephen Brill for anyone interested in learning about our current crisis.

America has some of the best Success rates when it comes to curing people from illnesses like breast & colon cancer. However, the cost associated with the treatment is out of control.

We as Americans have to pay almost double the 2nd highest isurance premium cost country. This has really become a problem for the lower & lower middle class.

Please don't shoot the messenger here. I'm only attempting to raise awareness to a ever growing crisis. It's just not right to refuse treatment to those in poverty who need help & support from hospitals & health care services.

We do have government assistance from programs like Medicaid and Medicare to help less fortunate Americans become insured. Not everyone is able to access those right away and are in need of help immediately.

Let me list a couple graphs for a visual aid.
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