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I am a full time trader (amongst a few other things) and trade a series of different strategies.
I wanted to get together with a few traders with a few experienced traders. i have been trading myself for 20+ years across all instruments so I understand the market
I am not looking to give any of my strategies away (and i would not expect others to give theirs away). But i am open to exploring one or two strategies together. Ones that I have started testing but never got to concluding purely because of time
Also as of vital importance, to discuss trading psychology. This is the most important component and I always find it refreshing to speak to others about their psychological hurdles and/or daily rituals that they adopt in order to ensure that they stay mentally strong
Its just a few drinks to keep the social side ticking over!!
Hi Mike. I trade Indices, FX & Commodities. Sometimes Individual stocks but I try and shy away from them too much. More than happy to get together in a few weeks for a catch up and to discuss a few things.
I have some things I have wanted to work through and test that i started a long time ago but I have just been head down on other work so its been difficult.
At the very least, its always good to have other traders to be in touch with
I will ping you a few possible dates in the coming weeks when I get a moment to check the diary
Thanks again for contacting me


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I'm also in West London (well, South-West London) so count me in for a beer too!

Trading Spaces

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Thanks for the tip @Trading Spaces; do you go to any of them?
I used to go to the STA. MTA is on hiatus in London at the moment but worth signing up to the email list. I go to the signet options meeting and show me the value/london value investing club. Signet have many stock investing meetings all over the country and three groups meeting In leicester square. Two in the day and one in the evening.

Are you back from Brazil permanently?
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Are you back from Brazil permanently?
I am indeed, for about 3 years now! Just there on holidays now to see the in-laws.

So that pub's actually closed for a couple of weeks see: https://www.nicholsonspubs.co.uk/restaurants/london/theclachankinglystreetlondon

But I'd be up for organising something central, it's been too long since we last had a T2W meet-up in London. Also interested in a separate South-West/West London meet-up for a catch-up drink :cheers:
lol it is cringe worthy when people say they will not give strategies away. Like it would hurt or effect your trading in any way shape or form.


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I can't make it this week, but maybe later in October. If nobody organises it, then I'll try and set something up in the next few weeks.

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