Traders meet-up (central London)


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traders meet-up

Hi fellow traders

I am a daytrader living and working (from home) in central London, and wondered wether anyone would be up for attending a monthly meeting of fellow members to swap/discuss ideas/experiences. (I'm probably setting myself up for some heart ache here as these things are always difficult to arrange/maintain.)

my email is

Let me know if you are up for it, and I'll organise something and get back to everyone.

On another subject I have come across a product on the web that may be of some profitable use for daytraders or end of day traders. I don't want to say too much about it here as I am thinking that a few of us might want to get together and buy it between us, to keep the cost down. Again any interested parties should contact me on the email above and I will let you know the website address so you can have a look at it and see wether you think it may be worth it. (I should state i have absolutely no connection with the website and this is not some cheap back door attempt at marketing a product that we see so often on these boards. To the board moderators; hope this ok!?))

Also please let me know in your email wether it is ok to let other respondees have your email address so there is complete transparancy in what I/we do.




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Meet up

Hi Im David

I'd be keen to meet up once a month. I've been trading for about a year and half from home in Bushey,Herts.


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Hi, I'm up for it.
Details in my profile.
Only 5 mins from Woking station so can be in Waterloo in 1/2 an hour.
cheers, hampy


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yes- let us know on meetings pls, bbmac.



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Id be up for it too..
However i have a full time job (for someone else that is ) which might clash.. so as long as its on the weekend i should be ok..
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count me in please


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although I'm not Central London, Kings Cross is only an hour away so I'd be up for it, but weekends only for me I'm afraid, due to other commitments (ie trading) in the week.


you can email me at [email protected]

stoploss please

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Ok guys

Are we looking at a week day or a weekend. I prefer a weekend. I also need to know numbers. Is this going to be an informal get together or a combination of seminar and social function. The reason I ask is that I have access to both conference facilities and a bar. If we are going to have a siminar/social then have you any preferences with regards to speakers.



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stoploss please said:
I also need to know numbers. Is this going to be an informal get together or a combination of seminar and social function.

I would have thought that if there are anymore than 10-15 attendees some sort of structure/formality will be required to kick-off with, perhaps followed by a bit of a p!ss-up.


'Techno Music' - what sort? Proper stuff or flowery trance/prog house [email protected] & hard-NRG that those on the continent (or who don't know their @rse from their elbow) refer to as 'techno'?
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