Website Upgrade - Site Downtime

Brilliant feature with txt style

well done and very good cool blue and crisp view...
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Paul, looks great mate.

But I cant get into the arcade, and I'm trying to while away the Bank Holiday with Pacman... :cool:

PS - whats the little green dot on people's profiles which says ".... is on a distinguished road"???
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Hi Rossored

The green dot is part of the reputation system :)
Sharky will post up more details later, but it's basically an advanced weighted version of the current rating system. Think of it as a weighted moving average for ratings :cheesy:

As for Pacman. That is one for Sharky to sort out
Great, thanks for the feedback so far - I'm pleased it's been so positive. I'm aware of a few remaining bugs, but I'm currently working on getting these fixed. Rossored, the arcade has been upgraded at the same time and the new location is here:

I'll be adding in the missing games this afternoon along with a few new ones too. Unfortunately we weren't able to import the old scores across, but at least it gives everyone another chance to get on the leaderboard. :D
Can't seem to add images to posts - thumbnail or otherwise. A click on the manage attachments button produces nothing.<(*!*)> - are you censoring me ?LOL
Hi Rognvald

Without meaning to butt in. Have you got a pop-up killer. The manage attachment button produces a pop-up window. :idea:


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Mark's right - it's managed via a popup. So please make sure you kill the popup killer for the T2W site. If you're using the google toolbar like I am you can easily enable/disable for a site - and since we don't show popup ads on T2W you don't need to worry about any unwanted ones.
I did a test to attach image....all went well but did not see any image uploaded...
Hi zambuck,

Please send me the image you're having trouble attaching and I'll see what I can do.

this time?


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It was my super efficient Norton anti spam that includes an ad and popup blocker! I've turned off the pop up blocker altogether and now have to figure out how to allow this site - shouldn't take more than about 3 months

thats fine but now the text editor doesn't seem to work!!
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Hiya Sharky

Like the new look of the site, but am getting a script error on IE6 in most of the site pages which is a real pain. Have just upgraded to a new PC so that may be part of the problem. I suspect it might be my javascript security settings. Anyone else having trouble like this ?


FTSE Beater said:
Hi Rognvald

Without meaning to butt in. Have you got a pop-up killer. The manage attachment button produces a pop-up window. :idea:

Thanks - got there eventually


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I like. But I'm going to resist the temptation to play with the new features for now.
oatman said:
I can't find "mark forums read"
I am missing it?

And I can't figure out how to add a forum to my subscribed list...must be missing it too.

To add to subscriptions, you need to click the "forum tools" or "thread tools" tab at the top of each thread.