Scheduled Website Upgrade (Thursday, 13th March @ 22:00 GMT)


The website will be taken offline for about 3-4 hours tomorrow night (Thursday, 13th March), at 22:00 GMT. We'll be upgrading the site with the following new features:

* New Social Networking System (Friends list, public messaging, user-created social groups, enhanced customisable member profile page
* New blogging software WITH support for images/attachments (all existing blogs will be migrated across)
* Member Picture Galleries (upload pictures to your account)
* Improved moderation tools (to deal with spammers)
* Thread tagging (a new way to facilitate searching and grouping of threads)
* Thread prefixes (eg. Question, Review, Recommendation, Important etc - helps to easily identify the type of thread)
* Improved advertising delivery ( = speedier website)
* Lots more features...

Wow! top stuff!, looking forward to that lot (y)

Any info regarding the ability to upload trading video content which was mentioned a while back but doesn't seem to be available yet :?:
Not as yet, but once we've got this release out of the way, we'll have an opportunity to look at all the recent (and not so recent) request - such as the one you mention.
Bump! Just a quick reminder the site will be down from 10pm GMT tonight, to carry out the upgrade. We'll try and keep downtime to a minimum as always :)
The site will be going down in about 10 mins. The update should take no more than 3-4 hours.
You're right! We forgot to close the forums, everything else on the site was suspended. Nevermind, it didn't matter - you might have just noticed some strange things whilst we were upgrading.

Pleased to say the upgrade is now complete, and the new options and features are now available. We'll fix any bugs or style issues found tomorrow.