T2W Forum Upgrade (Weds 19th May, 2-3am GMT)


Later tonight, between 2-3am GMT, the site will be taken offline to perform a fairly significant upgrade to the forum software. As always we'll try to keep downtime to a minimum, but we're anticipating about 2 hours when the site will be offline.

It's been a while since we last did an upgrade to the forums. Therefore this one contains a number of bug fixes and improvements to existing functionality.

The main sections which have been upgraded include:

Social Groups

Currently we have just a flat, non threaded message wall in the social groups. The wall is great for leaving messages such as 'hey, nice group!' but isn't that useful when it comes to actually having a meaningful discussion about the chosen topic. In order to greatly enhance the ability of social groups to allow users to talk about their common interests, the social group messages have been threaded with the use of 'discussions'.

By default, the user who created the group can moderate their discussions and the messages within them. Another permission allows users to configure their social groups so that only they can create discussions within that group. This allows users to create social groups with greater control over the subject matter. Because users can take control of their groups and can be given the primary responsibility for maintaining them, this also reduces the potential extra work for T2W staff and moderators.

Discussions and messages now also have several features from forums and threads. This creates an interesting scenario where group owners can now see how moderators work with the forums, and allows them to get involved in their own space. Features included:

  • - Full inline moderation (Discussions and Messages)
  • - Quick Editing (Messages)
  • - Subscriptions (Groups and Discussions)
  • - E-mail Notifications (Discussions)
  • - Social Bookmarking (Discussions)
  • - Read Marking (Groups and Discussions)

Each Social Group will now also belong to a category. Categories allow users to find groups that are relevant to them, especially on larger boards. The categories are predefined by the T2W Staff. As well as providing suggestions to the users for the kind of groups they could create, this also allows us to encourage users to create social groups that are relevant to the board as a whole

Private Messaging

  • - Read receipts are automatically accepted when a PM is replied to.
  • - A new Quick Reply can be used to reply to PM's.
  • - A new user option is available to set the default value for 'Save Copy' which is also used with Quick Reply.
  • - PM's can be ordered by Title, Date and Sender.
  • - When ordered, PM's are grouped by Title, Date or Sender.
  • - Private Messages can be filtered by Sender, Title, a given date period, and whether the message has been read or not.
  • - Message selections are remembered over multiple pages for bulk actions (Move, delete, mark as read etc).


  • - Blog Customization - users may customize their blogs in all sorts of ways
  • - Group Blogs - users may allow other users to post to their blog.
  • - Sidebar Blocks - users may create custom blocks to display in their sidebar. These blocks can be rearranged by drag and drop.
  • - Custom Pages - users may create custom pages to be displayed in their blog.
  • - Tags - tag support has been included.
  • - Featured Entry Manager - multiple entries can be featured on the blog home page now.
  • - Private Entries - users may set specific entries to be private while leaving their blog open.
  • - Categories - T2W staff can now define categories.

There's lots of other minor improvements too... enjoy!
Do we get more than one question on the private message feature now? I'd got to the stage of learning the answer to 2 + 2 off by heart.
I think it's probably safe to turn it off altogether - we had to turn it on because members were getting swamped with spam, but it seemed to be an isolated incident. So, I'll take it off now - and if ppl are receiving unwanted pms on mass let me know. But yeah - I was started to wish I'd get some more challenging maths questions.. which can't be a good thing!
I'm pleased to report that the upgrade went smoothly, and you should see all the new features in place. If you spot anything strange, be sure to let me know.
Thanks WinstonSmith - we're fixing it now, also uncovered a few other little gremlins, which we'll fix too.
I thought you always wanted to be a tax exile!

Sharkey has stripped me of my nationality as well :-0

Is this a sinister European plot ?

Has the PM sold us all to a Sovereign Wealth fund in revenge for our daring to challenge MP's expenses ?

or is it ..........................................

The top ten lists are not working when you change the number from ten to anything else also.
Blocking Signatures

Anyway to block people's signatures?

Yuo guys have no reestrictions on signature size, so some of them are ridiculously big and annysing as ****.
We'll get the flags back too - re. the top 10 lists, which ones are your referring to?
Having loads of problems PMing people today - there's no way to input the 2+2 question, and it keeps saying I've got the answer wrong. No fair. Have to do a brand new PM each time. So it's a bit clunky.

Human verification now fixed - only used on registration. If we get a lot of spam from bots, then we'll have to switch it back on.

Re. the rep system, yes, we'll review in the coming weeks - some exciting developments on the way!