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Thanks Dave, essentially I will be trading s&P, dow and nasdaq futures along with T-note and Eurodollar futures and maybe some fx so I want a charting tool that lets me see these. Then separately I want a broker to execute my trades.

Not asking too much am I


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No bother,
esignal will do all those I think. I use it for stocks, and a few other bits and pieces, but nothing in oyur list made me think' dunno about that one'. There's a sort of matrix thingy on the esignal site that lists what is available, best check for sure there. I would think pretty well any of the big players would do these too of course, Tradestation and so on, so there's some choice if you fancy shopping around.


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J Mattson said:
Rockwell Coincollecter system/software. Has anybody had any experience with this?

At the C2 forum some experience has been reported. Recommended read before you subscribe.



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Article links are still broken

I cant NOT read rewews on any software , it says

"Sorry - the page you've requested couldn't be found:"

The software guide review links are still broken. The reviews can be found by following the reviews link on the top banner and then selecting software. I've only looked at the first and last page of this thread so I wouldn't be surprised if this is stated in between somewhere.


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Thanks for this guides.



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I used to write C/C++ ( and other languages )software. Why not write your own trade execution program? It can be included in open GNU software.

Anyone interested with this, feel free to contact myself!


is it possible to get a software with datafeeds for live european,asian & us indice charts e.g cac,dax,ftse100,nikkei,hangseng,dow etc.
basically i am looking for a software package where i wont need to start hunting down for feeds left right and centre,a package with links or choices of datafeeds is also ok
thanks for your help


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Dear Rognvald, You seem knowledgable. I have accounts with CMC markets and IG index. I am interested in swing trading and back testing systems. Might also try FOREX. Can you recommend software that would work with these trading platforms and set up automated trades. I live in London. Thanks Max.
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