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Today see's the launch of the software review section to the website, which you can access here:

There is also a link from the front page of T2W.

At the moment it allows members to add a review and rate each software product by the following categories:

* Reliabilty / Stability
* User Interface / Ease of use
* Features / Performance
* Support / Documentation
* Value for Money

Marks can be given for each category out of 5, and an overall score for the product is calculated as an average of these scores, which is then average against other reviews for the software to give an overall rating for the software.

At the moment, information on each product is limited to who developed it and a link through to their website. But we hope to add screenshots, more information and useful links, for example to support groups.

Any feedback, comments or suggestions, are as always gratefully received.

Thanks mmillar,

Thats' what you get for writing a post at 1:54am in the morning... yawn!

Now fixed.
Well done for writing the first review - for Metastock mmillar, it should be appearing within the next hour - and in future any reviews will appear immediately.

metastock, definitely not one for me.
I'll write a review on Sharescope EoD ,I will be wanting to see a review on Sharescope RealTime, which seems a might expensive
to me.