Todays action


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Here is todays Deal4Free action.



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Hi Jonny

I've placed yours and mine side by side.

This graphically illustrates, I feel, the difficulty of being confident about using D4F graphs/prices for this type of exercise.

Net 30 points to day, one downbreak-one upbreak, which goes most of the way to cover yesterday's disaster.



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Revised chart

Hi folks,

My first chart today was wrong. Here is a revised one, still different to Mikes!



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Do you both use the new market maker software or are you using the website trading platform?

From my experience, the market maker software is much faster than the website trading platform but I haven't checked to see if they produce the same data. It might explain the difference in the charts.

It would be interesting to compare the D4free charts you are working from to see if there is a difference.
Hi Big business

I'm using the new software. There are 2 problems I find.

1. I try to fill in my chart by watching the actual ticker box. (sometimes one can get an idea of momentum by the flashing rate) But there are definitely occasions when the ticker price is not reflected in the chart.

2. I can't watch the ticker all the time so have to fill in the bits when I'm away (or have nodded off) by getting the prices from the chart. This inevitably must lead to mistakes unless one can mentally divide the grid 100% accurately by eye. Oh for a decent charting system where one can get the bar hi lo by running the cursor over it or get at the actual historic ticker data in Spreadsheet format. (as in sierra chart or quotetracker.)
Hi Dr. Mike,

I have noticed with the new market maker software, orders are filled when the quote hits the stop, even if it is for a split second. There used to be a bit of leeway. It puts me off using p&f from their charts as they don't seem to record all the data.