JTs realtime trades

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JT- sounds like u are having heck of a time- LOL

I did not think day trading would be possible with D4f 's wide spreads- but maybe it does work !!

Wil play around with the charts- Is there a special reason for chossing the GBP/US - i have mostly been looking at Eur/USD today............

JT- me again-

have u had a look at the mini contest in the fxcm site - very interesting !!

Have a look at the results for July of the guy who came 4th- I think he has only managed one loss and 17 winners in the month !! wow !! I tell u somethibng- i sure would like to know what system he is using !??!

Hi Al,

I trade the GBP/USD rather than EUR/USD as the spread is similar but the daily movement is much greater with the SB and FX companies.

i.e. a bigger bang for you bucks.

thanks for that JT_ will monitor both- just beeen watching it for couple of days!

Seems like the active times for the forex is our mornings and from about 2/2.30 pm when the US opens up-

p.s. did u have a look at that contest ?! not too sure what it is..............

Not that I beleive in conspiracy theories but Deal4Free won't give me a chart of there prices this morning...


I can't get a chart either and I don't trade forex..

what siaze stop do you use ?

Stops in place.

Will be long at 1.5959
Will be short at 1.5924

Currently short Euro/USD futures.

Out for -4 on EUR/USD fut. First currency future deal so a bit of a trial.

Still long on my main game plan

Must say I'm not convinced with this trade. The EUR/USD futures look like they have topped to me. Now level

Out 1.5950 for -9

Price moved 25 points from its peak, don't like the weakness in EUR/USD futures.

Running total +28

JT- so using that contest- i take it that it is for real ( not a game!)- also seems like the guys are contrlling 100k units with a margin of 1000$- whereas, the normal accounts would probably need 5000 or so margin ?!?
Testing out the simulation game on oanda site at the moment- interesting...............
Nearly all FX companies allow 100-1 leverage, some allow 200-1

Obviously this is not particulary wise!!!

just entered a dummy trade with oanda for 100k units- in GBP- have a margin of $7974 !!

How does this work !?!
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