Spreading FTSE PNF Style

GreyingSurfer - Blimey!!!! You're right. Believe it or not you are the first person who has actually managed to find an intra-day change in fair value. I'm going to phone D4F now and ask them what happened.
Well done GreyingSurfer. At 14.17 today D4F changed their fair value on the FTSE 100 from 13 to 19. I hereby withdraw my comments about fair value being fixed each day.
Get your finger out America!

The markets really are stuck in a rut. The yanks need to decide whether or not they are going to invade Iraq and then get on with it.

Here's todays futures and SB action.



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Evening all

Not so good today :-

trades -15
spreads -15
errors -12

the error was a trade initiated by accident when I covered a trade manually and the automatic stop activated before I could cancel it. looked good though so I set a stop on it and went on the school run!! (is this man serious I hear you cry)!

Peter thanks for the info on fair value I also thought I noticed this morning that the difference between the futures and cash on opening was different than yesterday's difference.