Deal4Free versus Direct Access


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Hi folks,

I picked ICOS at random today just to compare Deal4Free's price opposed to what MyTrack were telling me. Here are todays charts.

This one is Deal4Free


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At times the Deal4Free chart shows the price as being 120 cents different to Mytrack.

I am assuming that the MyTrack quotes were right?

Is this bias ;)

Are such shares tradeable via Deal4Free?


Are you able to place one on top of the other for a direct comparison ?

Hows this?


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On the whole the deal4free prices follow the US very closely, but they will appear wildly out if the underlying size in the market is thin (this happens a lot with ICOS). If you look at a Level2 screen next to deal4free you can usually see why their prices are the way they are. That doesn't make it any easier when they requote you though, or just fill you at a stupid price without even bothering to requote!

However, a bigger issue using deal4free to trade US, is the very small range of stocks available through them.

Hiya JT

Just remember that mytrack will only chart the last price, and therefore there could have been a large swing in bid / ask without mytrack charting it

Just a thought

eek just realized I'm defending a spreadbet company - this can not be right!! :eek:
Hiya BCT

How you managed that I don't know - I had a go and it looked odd :rolleyes:

It does show how wild the spread can get and how inaccurate the D4F charts are. I personally couldn't see myself trading off them!

In Photoshop select and copy red colour and paste on the other.

I see you made few dollars today in IMDC. Well done!
I can easily see why there may be a big difference in Spread on a stock that also has a large spread. It would be interesting to see how the D4F spread varies against a level II spreadon the same stock.

BlueChip Trader,

Nice graph, but I'm afraid you've made it look a lot better than it really is!

The MT graph has a range from 43.1 to 44.25 , the D4F one goes from 41.95 to 44.25! You've overlayed them withou taking that into account, I'm afraid, if you adjusted the scales the MT data wouldn't even come halfway down the D4F graph!

Good to meet this morning :cool:
I had a short on Ariva once with D4Free. The charts were all over the place. I think they have problems with their charting software. It looked like I should have been stopped out several times but I wasn't so they obviously don't go by their own charts.

If you try buying on those big dips, they won't let you. It is a pain if you are trying to close a trade.

It was a pleasure and nice to see you too this morning!

You're absolutely right about the chart overlay. Sorry. :cry:
Good morning,

please can someone compare the d4f prices with IB , probably we need to leave the charts aside, im not sure abou American stocks but as far as im concerned d4f cfd prices for ftse100 are the in the line with the market spread.

good trading
The point I'm making is does it mean Deal4Free could stop you out without the underlying going anywhere near?

The difference in this case is relatively enormous and cannot possibly be due to spread. More like lining their own pockets.

Its not just the wild prices that stuff you with D4F

when you sit waiting with the "stealer to respond" ticket
showing for 30 seconds as the price flys against you

soon puts you off !!!!

we should all know it that SB is not really for day trading,


You are quiet right that D4F FTSE 100 prices are exactly the same as the market spread. I trialled level II and monitored them for a month.

However, as ianp has said getting filled at peak times can take as much as one minute. Often I have lost 6/8 points in slippage in this way.