The Hidden Mathematical Sequence of Time in Any Market


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Hi @udithag
excuse my curiosity, but I must be missing something. I was under the impression your cycles are predicting reversal points.
So have I understood correctly your last prediction so that price should revert and start to go up after the 6th bar (in the way of lime-green arrow)?

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hello friend, the 6th bar should be the bar with that local bottom. That local bottom was held for very small time as it was a very strong down trend. In future predictions you can see how it works. However the turning points remain for a very small time in very strong trends without reactions. However If the turning point coincide with a 2h or 4h turning points, they tend to remain for a long time.


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EUR/USD turning point on 1H chart which will occur on 2021.03.31
EST in 15 min time frame included. Click above link to see


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This method is awesome!! You're a fricking genious! The holly grail has finally been found and this will end poverty and suffering of the humanity. You can now sell your indicator for $499.


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So a mathematical explanation of the predicted vs actual turning point might be take the 6 bar prediction and divide by the 20% not part of the 80% accuracy resulting in a range of 30 bars.
The 28 bars of the actual turning point is within the range, so the prediction was still accurate.

Wow, at last I understand. You are a genius !


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All I see are "x bars" + "arrow"
What happens after that?
I assume that nobody can tell what happens next. There is not simple math formula predicting behavior of random walk, and for sure not with 80% accuracy.
That said, if I have got such formula, I'd be aspiring multibiilionare and I d not share it with anyone on common internet forum ;)
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