The Hidden Mathematical Sequence of Time in Any Market

Another EUR/USD turning point on 1H chart which will occur on 2021.06.03
EST in 15 min time frame included. Click above link to see
Every top or bottom is related to previous tops and bottoms by an exact mathematical sequence of time. There are time cycles in the market and many have discovered those time cycles. But the problem is that it is difficult to tell whether that particular time cycle will repeat or not. So I have discovered a mathematical sequence to tell whether a particular time cycle is going to repeat or not.

This theory is completely independent from price. Whatever the price is, when the time is up, trend is changed. But at turning points, price tends to come resistance or support levels automatically.This system doesn't take any input from astrology, astronomy or from price levels. Only the number of trading bars between tops and bottoms are counted.

Those time cycles exist in 1 minute time frame to monthly time frame. So with the mathematical sequence and correct cycle lengths, it is possible to predict exact turning points in market in every time frame in advance. How ever it is difficult to tell whether the particular turning point will be a top or a bottom in advance but when it comes closer to the turning point, it is possible to figure out that.

If this system is implemented manually, it can be predicted tops and bottoms in the market with over 80% accuracy. I have tried to automate this theory and have developed and indicator to predict turning points in 2H chart well in advance. I am going to share the results of my manual analysis and also the results generated by the indicator in this thread.