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:rolleyes: (Maybe its just me) But does any other member think that access to the pages on this great site has slowed down to a snails pace over the last couple of weeks :?:

Hope you do not mind me asking SHARKY


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Yep I've found it pretty slow,
I'm on 1mb adsl connection, 56k might have more serious problems with viewing.

Cheers a320.

FTSE Beater

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I was thinking the same thing. I'm on broadband and find it slow, so I don't know what it would be like on dial-up :rolleyes:

Sharky - can you give us the speed back. Alternatively I could develop that quality called patience :cheesy:

Car Key Boi

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the site works just swell for me, if anything i've been impressed with the speed...and i'm using a laptop with a crappy AOL dail-up


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I am on dial-up AND AOL - just think how bad it is for me!! It hasn't changed much as far as I can see in the last few weeks, its always been SSLLOOOOWWW!! :)


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No I agree, I do think it seems to have slowed down a bit lately.

6 miles out of Cambridge and I can't get broadband, so still on 56k with a 2-hour cutoff. :rolleyes:

Biggest problem I seem to have is chopping and changing between threads - even on dial up it didnt seem to be as slow as it has been lately. But what the heck, its still the best trading website in the UK - if not the world. :cheesy: T2W rocks baby!!(as much as a website can without scantily-clad ladies, anyway) :LOL:


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I too am on dial-up 56k AND AOL.
Response time seems fine to me.
I was at a friends on Saturday who has 1 meg cable broadband.
Access time for T2W was no different (i.e. not faster) compared to dial up.
It was quite disappointing really. I assumed that Broadband would be a lot faster.


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me on dial-up at the moment - pages seem to load fine - but there are a helluva lot of posts on here now, than at beginning of yr....

Car Key Boi

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man, this is really werd

i'm currently surfing the board on someone else's PC, and it's cable connection with a dedicated hub blah, and the pages load up wayyyy slower than when i'm surfing on my laptop that has the aforementioned crappy AOL dail-up connection

go figure


Hi all,

Sorry only just spotted this thread - I noticed a slowdown myself particularly over the period mentioned. However the siutation has generally improved. Would anyone else like to comment on the current speed they're accessing the site.

A couple of things worth mentioning, the automatic links to glossary terms will slow down the page somewhat particularly where a number of posts are viewed on a single page. Try turning this feature off here: > "Automatically link glossary words in Posts?" - it should speed up the page loads.

We're also upgrading the database server over the next few weeks, and this should also result in a noticeable speed increase.

Ghost Dog


love the site, but I'm on 600k broadband and it is slow, sometimes deadly slow.

May be time to levy a once only charge on all members and get some servers? Or strip it down a little? The membership is growing fast now, you seem to have reached some sort of critical mass!

ADVFN loads hundreds of posts very quickly. Most of them are bollocks, but they load fast.


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just fyi, i was having problems logging on yesterday late afternoon, early evening.... then when i did manage to access the site, it was a bit slow.... seems ok now tho'... will turn of the thingy you mention above....


In fact I've just run some tests turning off the automatic glossary feature and it speeds up this page by as much as 500%! Roughly 1.25 secs with the feature on, 0.25 without. I may decide to can it altogether for now, if after doing a few more tests, its having such a dramatic impact. Or alternatively default eveyone to having this feature turned off.
The slowdown seems to be particularly apparent in the UK afternoons, between 2pm and 5pm - many days I just can't wait more than one minute for a page to load!

Outside of those times, however, it's very fast indeed. :D


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A suggestion then Skim, do your browsing whilst sitting on the loo, thus saving valuable time. :cheesy:
:cheesy: :cheesy: :cheesy:

Actually that is one of the benefits of trading 5 minute bars rather than 1 minute bars - gives you plenty of time!
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