Reborn Clean & Green

Hi folks!

Thursday was a down day.


Friday brought us a small gain.


Clean & Green Thread Total


This thread has been a wild ride, but at least we are up & in the green.

I still believe in the market & believe we have potential to achieve great success.

Let's keep it simple & focus on what we can control. In time the market should stabilize & produce some big gains for us.

Everyone enjoy a nice night & good weekend.

My mom & I have plans to do some shopping & eat lunch together tomorrow. Looking forward to spending some time with family.

Take Good Care

Hi guys.

Hope everyone had a good weekend.

I was able to see my mom & pick up a few new outfits at Burlington. We enjoyed a nice lunch at a local thai food restaurant. I had the spicy noodle with kalipop & spring roll appetizers. My mom had the garlic beef with spring rolls.

I was approved for daily walks and weekly volunteering & am looking forward to opportunities at the public library & humane society. Volunteering should be a great way to spend a day.

Kinda boring day today here. Looking forward to tomorrow. Hopefully we will have a nice week on the market.

Everyone have a good night.

Take Care

Hi everyone.

Monday brought us a small gain.


Thread Total


I had a long day & am looking forward to getting a good night's sleep tonight.

Everyone have a nice night.

Hi Everyone.

What a wild week.

We had two down days followed by a big gain & finally a decent day today.

Tuesday -2%


Thursday +2%

Friday +0.5%

Thread Total -0.66

It's been like were in survival mode recently.

Most my threads are much more productive, but I'm still focused on making this thread a success for all of us.

I got to see my mom & dad today. They are doing well & planning on visiting on Sunday.

Everyone have a nice night & enjoy our weekend away from the bull.

Take Good Care

Hi guys & gals.

Ruff start to the week.

Monday -0.50%

Tuesday -1.50%

Thread Total -2.66%

Sometimes it's hard to stay positive after days like today, but we still have much to be thankful for. I like to make gratitude Lists whenever I'm feeling down.

Gratitude List

Good Physical Health
Mental Stability
Trade 2 Win
Nice Home
Nutritious Food
Clean Drinking Water
Health Care
Positive Mind

Anyways, everyone stay strong & thankful for our lives. Every day on planet earth is a gift we should cherish.

Hopefully we will overcome these down days & regain some positive results.

Keep hope alive & believe in great success.

Before you achieve something, you first must believe its possible.

Everyone have a nice night.

Please believe in each other & in our stock market.

I'm confident the market will stabilize & produce great gains for us again.

Hope I'm able to help.

I'll continue to put forth an effort to share ideas, views & thoughts we could consider to improve the planet.

Tomorrow is a new day.

Never quit.

Never give up.

Unity & Perseverance will net us all some success.

Take Good Care

Good Morning Everyone.

PreMarket figures look decent.

Thank Goodness.

Maybe a great success today.
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Market opens in a couple minutes.

Let's show some love to our automakers.

Please support General Motors Ford & Stellantis.

They are producing our electric vehicles & paving new roads for all of us to follow.

Of course Tesla is leading the way right now.
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Hi Folks!

We were down 0.22% yesterday.

Thread Total


Let's try to rally together tomorrow & create a great success.

Everyone have a good Thursday.

Take Care

Thought you all might like this one.

Myon & Shane Remixed an already awesome track produced by Above & Beyond.

Hi Folks.

Glad today looks great for all of us.

Yesterday we had a big down day.

Thursday. -1.50%

Thread Total -4.38%

We are already up over 2% for today.

Thank Goodness we are in the green once again.

I'll try to post up our daily results & thread total after the market closes for the day.

Everyone enjoy a nice day.

Take Care

Hi guys & gals.

Very nice day today.


What a relief.

Glad the market was able to recover for us all.

Clean & Green Thread -1.88%

I'll try to post up all the big gainers later tonight.

Have a nice night everyone.

The weather outside is awesome here in Michigan. Maybe we will be able to get out for some fresh air & exercise after dinner.

Take Good Care

Thank Goodness we had a successful day & were able to recover.
Hi folks.

Hope everyone is doing well & enjoying our nice weekend.

A little boring wo the market to watch, but it is nice to take a break from the bull sometimes.

We did have an amazing day yesterday and for that we should be thankful.

We are eating big burritos for dinner tonight & they are usually really good.

Anyways, just wanted to wish everyone well & post up our big Gainers from Friday.

Big Gainers

CMA +17%
BLDP +7.5%
PLUG +6%
LAC +6%
TSLA +5.5%
GM +5%
AAPL +4.5%
RUN +4.5%
NVDA +4%
SEDG +4%
FSLR +4%
EVGO +4%
F +3.5%
ADBE +3.5%
CWEN +3.5%
CLNE +3.5%
STLA +3%
DIS +3%
EBAY +3%
ENPH +2.5%
DLTR +2.5%
BAC +2.5%
V +2.5%
NKE +2.5%
MA +2%
JPM +2%
MRNA +2%
ATVI +2%
JKS +2%
KR +2%
COST +2%
AMZN +1.5%
MSFT +1.5%
HD +1.5%
ORA +1.5%
NUE +1.5%
MOS +1.5%
VZ +1.5%
TMUS +1.5%
GOOG +1%
AZN +1%
WMT +1%


Friday Total +2.50%

Everything was up.

Let's keep supporting our stock market & investing in a sustainable environment & future.

Everyone have a nice night.

I'm looking forward to a nice meal tonight & then a good nights rest.

I'll try to post again tomorrow after my mom & I visit in the afternoon.

Take Good Care

Good Monday Morning.

PreMarket Figures look decent today.

Hopefully we will achieve some positive gains this week. Support our stock markets & invest in a sustainable America & Planet Earth.

Take Care

My sister attended a wedding this weekend with my brother in law and my niece & nephew.

I'll post up some of the pics.