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[PORTFOLIO] demo Portfolio with Darwin heroes of 2021

I disagree in a lot of cases. :)

The difference is called swaps.

Broker 1:
View attachment 304969
Broker 2:
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You can guess which one is Tradeslide (Darwinex) where people were/are complaining about swaps.
As nobody wanted to guess :p , I give you the result:
Broker 2 is Tradeslide (Darwinex), where people were/are complaining about swaps.

I can't recalculate these figures:
Yesterday (Tuesday) Broker 1 charged 9.0 EUR per Lot, while Broker 2 charged 5.3 EUR per Lot for a short position.
None of them had the 3-days swap on Tuesday.
What's visible in MT4 is not used for the swap calculation on the account slip.
Traders should know that (and usually complain about the account data, not the MT4 data).
Algo-Traders using the MT4 data might get wrong results.
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Now I got it (without recalculating anything exactly):
Broker 1 has prices with 100 pts. per pip,
Broker 2 has 10 pts. per pip.
At the end of the month, this portfolio will be closed.
Main reason: I can run only one (1) demo portfolio at Darwinex.

Current composition:

My thoughts:
Here we had seen again all weknesses of filters:
- two many similar trading styles are visible in a filter
- assets jumping in an out by failing or filling criteria
- same is with a limited number of assets in the portfolio depending on any sort rule
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