Forum guidelines

Trade2Win’s purpose is to serve the UK trading community. Abuse, harassment and other similar types of behaviour discourage people from expressing themselves, and ultimately diminish the value of the forums. Our rules are to ensure all people can participate in the forums freely and safely.

1. Posting Threads

1.1 Each forum has a different topic. Please make sure you find a forum and topic that best fits the subject of your new message.
1.2 Browse a topic first or use the search facility to see if your question has already been asked or answered by someone else.
1.3 Don't start threads if:
- You are just responding to another thread that has been locked/deleted by a moderator.
- You are asking why a previous thread was locked/deleted by a moderator.
- You just want to complain about other people's behaviour or forum content.
1.4 Don't post just to increase your post count.
1.5 You can post images subject to copyright restrictions and it is up to you to check these out. Don't include any images of a sexual or offensive nature. Any links to clearly offensive or pornographic materials will be removed immediately.
1.6 Do not spam. This is posting forum messages that offer no significant value to the topic. Most of these kinds of posts are just single-word posts that have no meaning or value whatsoever.
1.7 Keep your posts related to the topic of the thread. Irrelevant posts, particularly those which are intended to take the thread completely off topic, will be moved to a new thread, or may be removed altogether.
1.8 Please don't double post (two posts in a row). If you need to amend a post, do so by using the edit button next to your original post.
1.9 Don't post the same message more than once, in different forums.
1.10 If you want to complain about some content, use the 'Report Post' button at the bottom left of the offending post.

2. Mentioning other Web sites

2.1 You can mention, link to, or discuss other Web sites that are of interest to our members, as long as they don't violate any of our guidelines. Please don't use our community to generate traffic for another trading community. We'll delete posts that mention or link to our competitors for the sole purpose of encouraging our users to participate elsewhere.

3. Signature Rules

3.1 Signatures should not be excessively long or distracting.
3.2 You can't use your signature to advertise.
3.3 Signatures cannot include any link, identifiable URL or email address. Identifying your company name or type of business is not permitted unless the principal reason for using the site is the representation of the company to address members' questions and support issues.

4. No Advertising

4.1 You can't post advertisments of any kind anywhere on the site.
4.2 If you want to advertise contact [email protected].
4.3 Advertising includes, but is not limited to:
- Posting the URL of your commercial web site.
- Offering for sale (or a free trial of) your product.
- Posting references to, excerpts from, or details of your product.
- Posting with minimal content that is clearly designed to act as a lure towards your product.
- Posting your email address or asking members to contact you for details of your product .
4.4 Exceptions:
- Substantial content that derives from or is connected to a commercial product (e.g extracts from a subscription-only newsletter) may be permitted provided that the content is deemed useful to the community by the moderators and provided that there is absolutely no direct reference to its commercial nature.
-Members with no connection to commercial products may mention them where relevant.
-Vendors may answer specific questions that relate to an aspect of their product, provided that they do not use their response as a means of promoting it.
4.5 Anyone who has a commercial interest in selling/marketing their product to T2W members must declare this interest in their personal user profile. Failure to do this may result in you being banned from the site.

5. Changing your user name.

5.1 If you forget your login details or wish to change your user name then email [email protected] for help, please do not simply re-register. Anyone found using multiple accounts will have all additional accounts deleted and may be subject to sanctions . Usernames can only be changed in exceptional circumstances as determined by T2W .

6. Respect for Moderators

6.1 Moderators are site members who freely give their time to ensure that discussions are friendly and civilised and conducted in accordance with the site's guidance. The forums could not function in the way that they do without the activities of the moderators and their efforts should be appreciated by all who use the site.
6.2 Please remember the moderators are volunteers. Try not to make their tasks even more time consuming by seeking to draw them into debate on the implementation of the rules in any particular case. Any thread which appears to be going down this route will be closed and/or removed .

7. Reporting posts

7.1 You will find "Report Post" links in many places throughout the forums. You can use these links to alert moderators of anything which you believe to be in breach of the guidelines so that they can deal with it.

8. Violations of the guidelines

8.1 Any violation of these guidelines or the terms and rules will result in a warning from a member of the moderation team. Any further violations may result in a temporary or full ban from the site.
8.2 Any member subject to a suspension will be permitted to read the forums, but not post.
8.3 In exceptional circumstances, and at the discretion of the site moderators, members may be immediately and permanently banned from the website without any prior warning. Such circumstances include, but are not limited to, sexual harassment, personal abuse towards another member, racist comments or blatant advertising.