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Darwinex Zero demo portfolio


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On April 1st, I started a new portfolio which can contain only Darwins coming from Darwinex Zero.

As there were very controversal discussions about trading Darwinex Zero, I was and am curious whether Darwinex Zero can create successful traders.

A Darwin from Darwinex Zero is only available for investment if it can participate in DarwinIA GOLD. That's also valid for demo portfolios.
Darwinex Zero Darwins are always automatically named with 4 digits, the trader has no chance to provide an own name.
These are the criteria to move a Darwin from DarwinIA SILVER to DarwinIA GOLD:


Meanwhile there are a few 4-digit Darwins available in DarwinIA GOLD.

For the selection for this demo portfolio I took very few criteria:
- Darwin must come from Darwinex Zero (must be a 4-digit Darwin)
- Darwin must be available for investment (and then it is automatically competing in DarwinIA GOLD)
- Darwin must have got an allocation prize in at least one of the last 2 DarwinIA contests (final results)
- Darwin must have made profit last month (currently no level defined, i.e. profit on the DarwinIA GOLD ranking list must be > 0)

Portfolio maintenance will be done after a monthly contest is closed.
The selection must be done manually as there is no support by filters.

So the following Darwins were bought:


This is the current chart:

... and positions:


The current performance is built mainly by one Darwin out of seven, at the end of the month we'll see whether that will be improved.
The former profit could not be held, but the portfolio stayed in profit before paying investor fees.


Before selling the April portfolio there are the following results:


Selling resulted in a loss of more than 1% because of performance fee, the equity available for buying the new Darwins is down now to $ 9,946.37.


9 Darwins qualified for the May selection:


.. and were bought with $ 4,420 each:


Performance fee was to pay for only 3 Darwins, but wiped the small profit of April out:


Management fee to pay in April:

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Today the portfolio shows a new ATH, we'll see whether it can be held until end of the month.


8 Darwins of the portfolio trade with a VaR less the 6.5 % which implies a replication factor > 1 against the trading account as long as the target VaR is not cut significantly.
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May ended with a nice profit of more than 4% before selling the positions:


Seven out of 9 Darwins were profitable:


Nine Darwins qualified for the June composition:


Related transactions should be done on Monday.
what's Darwinex Zero? is that a broker or a platform? I need more information on that please.
Here at T2W is also a thread called DarwinexZero opened when Darwinex started the program:
After a hot discussion about the sense of Darwinex Zero this thread mutated to mainly advertisings for discount codes for the registration for Darwinex Zero :)

What's Darwinex Zero?
Darwinex Zero is a program for traders where they can trade without risking own money paying a monthly fee of 38 EUR.
To make money, Darwinex Zero traders have to reach the minimum requirements for an allocation of (virtual) money by Darwinex and get paid for their trading success on that allocation (simulating a real money investment) like a signal provider.
The program is started by the broker Darwinex from Spain. They are regulated in Spain and UK.
Homepage of the program: https://www.darwinexzero.com/
The brokers motivation to create Darwinex Zero: https://blog.darwinex.com/reasons-behind-darwinex-zero/

The original Darwinex (the platform is now called Darwinex Classic) is a Forex and CFD introducing broker who allows investors to invest in the trading signals of traders where the investor's trading is managed by the so called risk manager (a piece of software calculating the replication factor in line with a complicated set of rules).
Darwinex investors can buy a "Darwin" (the trading signals of a single trading account, managed by the risk manager software) to make real money.
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After selling the May Darwins there are $41,641.21 available to invest:


The June Darwins were bought with an investment of $4,626 for each of the 9 new Darwins:


Performance fee was to pay, but there is currently an error on the platform so the details are not shown:

Alternatively here is the list of the profitable investments made in this portfolio:


Management fee was also to pay:

For the currently selected Darwins for this portfolio there is a public list here: https://www.darwinex.com/list/768457
You can use it for your own research on one or the other of these Darwins or if you want to run a backtest with them. :) (in this case don't forget that a backtest only shows the survivors of the period)

There are more and more Darwins from D-Zero in DarwinIA GOLD every month, currently nearly 20 of the 4-digit-Darwins from D-Zero would get an allocation.

So I decided to limit the number of Darwins in this portfolio in line with the past selections so that there is no change in the investment strategy.
I thought about 2 options:
- every Darwin in this demo portfolio will get an investment of at least $ 4,000.
- depending on other criteria the maximum number of Darwins in this demo portfolio can be set to 10.

The selection will be counted top down of the monthly return which is also the sorting sequence of DarwinIA GOLD.
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