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[PORTFOLIO] DWEX (Darwinex investing Darwins)

Darwinex is transparent when they have to show bad results from customers.
Not a useful info, everyone knows traders are losers...
They are not so transparent when they have to show their results.
A part from the community discussion everything about DWEX has been removed, blog articles, youtube videos...
They would probably do the same with DWC DWF DWZ but they cannot because they are darwins...
When they created darwinexlabs I thought the goal was active brainstorming about their trading and investing.
Just the opposite, any request of information about DWEX , DWC , DWF , DWZ has been ignored .
I think the first step to improve is to admit when you are wrong.
and exited after drawdown
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Yes I see, probably is the same kind of momentum investing they used in 2017 and 2018.
Here we can see they were investing 100k, now it is 10k.
I can understand they are not investing much as long as they do not win.

They are exactly like private traders and investors, they are communicative only if they win. :)
In general their communicativity is in downtrend.
3 articles about DWC
1 article about DWF
nothing about DWZ
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Momentum investing could make sense but not with daily rotation.
In my opinion they are using DScore, the high frequency was due to the instability of old DScore, so they changed it to be more stable.
It is the only positive thing I can find in this DScore, easy and lagging but stable.