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Darwin heroes of 2021


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The trackrecord is not the smooth dream noob investors want to see, one year of inactivity and also 10 months of stagnation.
This also prooves that he is not a farmer. ;)
Currently it looks like a learning curve, but as long he does not leave a word anywhere about what he is doing that can only be an assumption.


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is the HERO and 2021is just the beginning.
Hi @InvestmentDNA
Welcome to our forum.
Congrats for your performance with IQS.
If you want a thread about your darwin just tell me.
Thank you, @CavaliereVerde ,
I would be glad getting the chance to introduce my Darwin.
Where can I do this best?


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Is this thread scam?
Linked account.png

Probably, maybe they have their own MT4 Server licence, or know somebody that has.
This is a linked account (see screenshot) so broker is unknown.


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Is this thread scam?
Unfortunately this cannot be a Darwin as long as Darwinex (or better: their liquidity providers) insist on the unlucky 10 minutes rule for creating a Darwin.


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fortunately in my opinion
I'm sure the track record is migrated a few months ago.
I also see that the profit per trade decreases from 3.79 pips to less than 3 pips in the shorter time frames (1w, 1m, 3m, ..).
If the average investor sees it, he will buy it and get familiar very soon with the biggest problem of Darwinex investors called divergence.
The disappointment about it will wipe out his dreams.
On my demo portfolio a moderate divergence filter with a moderate value of -1.0 wiped out 30% of the Darwins from the result list.
So I assume your opinion is close to reality.
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What's about REW?
It will come into my portfolio if it will reach 50% overall profit.
Currently it is on rank 7 in my filter list and shows a solid track record with low DD.
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