Monthly Thread: July 2004


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9:25 CET

Yesterday I didn't manage to sell USDCAD. It started selling from the 1.33 high and reached as low as 1.3161. There was no sigh of topping, and therefore I didn't risk to sell. Will be waiting, and if I get a chance and it retraces again to 1.3250-90, may consider selling from there. No trades yesterday.

Euro is trading at 1.2360 right now, but I think there is a good chance to see another dip towards 1.2300-10, where I may consider buying this pair. For now I don't expect for any dramatic moves.

AUD: I will be waiting to see how it goes, and will consider buying it as close to 7200 as possible. 7230 seems to me not that good of a price, but it may also be an option. If it goes below 7200 - it would be the best scenario.

Will update if I act.

Good Luck and Good Trading


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Target 1.3000.
Small leverage of 1x1.5
taking half profits at 1.3200 and moving stop to entry point when reaching day low at 1.3220.

Good Luck and Good Trading!


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Good Morning everyone.

The USDCAD trade was stopped for zero result yesterday.

Maybe the correction is over already and we will see no more 1.2330 on Euro to enter or >1.3260 on USDCAD.

But still, since there is a chance that correction is not over yet, lets wait and see how things go today.

Good Luck and good trading!


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Good Morning.

Unfortunately for me, I was right about the correction being in the end last Friday. I wasnt able to take a good entry to benefit form the continuation of USD weakness, and now I am going to sek for some new consolidation before entering.

I am consentrating on EUR, GBP, CAD and AUD.

The former resistance/support areas which we broke on Friday are now considered as first supp/res areas. Entries are considered exactly from those areas:

EUR: 1.2400-1.2430
GBP: 1.8600-1.8660
AUD: 7260-7285
USDCAD: 1.3140-1.3190

The scenario I would like to see before entering is that we consolidate in those areas for today, and only later on today or early tomorrow see some kind of sign of bottoming - and then I would like to enter.

Will see.

Good Luck and good trading everyone!



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Long day today, but I am almost done.

Just bought AUD at 7279 after what seems to be a retest of 7260 for the second time today. Stop at 7190. Leverage: x0.75.
First Target: 7340 where half of the position will be closed.

See you all tomorrow, and good luck to everyone, including myself :)!



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Subject - Euro for 21.07.04 must make a high of 2420 to avoid a sell signal on my chart.


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hello rezo
Stopped on E$ today -20. Oversold with a nice reaction in the hour chart got me long near the 2300 support to be stopped a couple of hours later. Looks like a full channel retrace is on the cards (pretty much there already :LOL: ) or last last chance saloon at the weekly trend which is just below.

Just letting the market borrow that 20 with a view to get long again at better prices. ;) :D



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