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Are there any ISPs that give 24hour dial-up connection with no right of disconnection after 2hours? Also,someone said they got satelite feed?Is this an alternative if you can't get broadband in your area?

I use Demon, which doesn't disconnect, after 2 hours, but costs a little more. I think there is a long discussion on ISPs somewhere around. Satellite would give you slightly delayed information.
I'd try Demon internet (I think as I'm pretty sure they do 24hr dial up without cut offs, but they are quite a bit more expensive.

Satelite feed is supposed to be poor for trading as it is laggy, i.e. you actually notice the length of time it takes to receive the information. Also you only send by phone so you don't get any faster on the outgoing only on the incoming. Maybe not a probalem if you are not trading short term.

If you can't get cable or ADSL about the best bet is ISDN (BT Home Highway). Much faster than dial up even with just one line connected (some people will let you use 2 lines for 128k), the 64k doesn't sound much faster but in practice it is as you get a good 64k rather than 52k if everything is going perfectly. Also I think it might generally give faster responses than even ADSL (I have read of people complaining of low "pings" on ADSL and cable, although I understand this is partly ISP and location dependant), just doesn't have the same capacity for large data transfer.

Thanks Waytogo and Wysi,I'm useless at this stuff.Perhaps someone could tell me where this other thread is? -- Even better,perhaps someone could do a FAQ on the subject? On a more humerous/sadder note. My computer came ethernet ready,in 'my network connections' there are the dial-up icons and the LAN icon(s).I started off with 1 LAN icon,with a red cross through it (meaning it was not enabled)?.Then quite recently I visited 'my network connections' and a second LAN icon had appeared! After the business with the Belgian hacker,I'm a bit paranoid about the internet.So I dis-installed the 'contents' of this second LAN icon,expecting it to disappear. -- It didn't -- and when I checked the original icon,I'd disinstalled the same components from that! -- Does this mean i'm no longer broadband ready? and more importantly --- Does this mean I won't be able to get ISDN?
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Go to top of this page - discussion menu - search for a post - keyword isp - should find you a few threads on the subject
Before I got broadband I used AOL which I found to be good but I know of others on here who were not as happy as I was.

I use AOL too. Its not perfect but at least there are no restrictions. Provided I don't get a dropped call (which can happen to any ISP) I have had 14 hours+ of continuous connection during the day, £15.99 per month all in. I only use it for the connection, I don't use their browser as it has a Fisher Price feel to it - OK if you are 6 years old I suppose.
My ISP is Eclipse with ISDN. They used to be OK for 10 hours. They've just started cutting at 2 hours. I think they're all going the same way.
I believe they're introducing Bronze, Silver and Gold service which obviously means you'll have to pay up to stay on.

Thanks Oatman,Eminem and Paul.I've just asked for an aol cd,so that should sort me out for a while -- if they start disconnecting,I'll be back here again!Seems people will do anything for a few extra quid?Anyone got an answer for the LAN question?
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What OS are you using ? If it is WinXP you can restore your pc to a previous time and get all you LAN connections back. As for worrying about the Belgium hacker I wouldnt worry too much as long as you have a firewall installed. If you havent go to and download their FOC platform which I can vouch for is excellent.

You can always reinstall the LAN connections and it shouldnt make any difference to broadband anyway as LAN is for local area network. With my pc I just plug the ethernet cable in and away I go and this even worked when I visited my brother recently who has a different broadband provider and company.

Good Luck

Thanks all.I keep a dish of chopped liver on the floor as a decoy -- if the pc goes for something,it'll go for that?
Shields Up is a great site for checking your security which I do occasionally and today, apparently, I do not appear to exist.

Trader333, or anyone else who knows?

I notice that you used to work using a dial-up connection before Broadband was installed.
How did this cope with transmitting your trades.
I ask, because I am just about to move my office to home, & there is no broadband there.

I'm with Eclipse and they cut you off at 2 hours now. If you think there's a busy spell coming up just cut and reconnect. At least you know you're OK for a while. I've just got it set to redial, there's not much else you can do. Make sure you put a Stop in "somewhere" if you've got a pos, just in case.

Good luck,
ianh said:
Trader333, or anyone else who knows?

I notice that you used to work using a dial-up connection before Broadband was installed.
How did this cope with transmitting your trades.
I ask, because I am just about to move my office to home, & there is no broadband there.


As mentioned earlier on this thread, ISDN is a good alternative if you cant get adsl, although it's more expensive admittedly. Response times are much faster than modem connections. You also have the advantage that if your ISP cuts you off after a couple of hours, the reconnection is so fast you're unlikely to even know it happened.

As for trading over dialup, a lot depends on your software. Deal4Frees software for example, is dog slow on anything but the worlds greatest specc'ed PC with the biggest connection you can get. IB on the other hand is quite happy with a modem connection. I think as long as you close your mail client, any instant messenger s/w etc whilst trading, dial-up will cope with most things.

I used AOL, which I know many dont like, but I found trading to be fine using it.

I have an IB account with the TWS installed on the machine, & esignal 7.4
I also plan to have direct access?
What do you think?