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Ross-G said:
Can I ask the AOL users if the connection stays on, even if they don't touch machine for a few hours?

I have recently moved from AOL dial-up to AOL BB. When I was on dial-up if I left the computer for some time there used to be a "computer has been idle" message but very rarely was it cut off, although I don't think I ever left it for more than 2 hours unattended but I had left it for more than an hour on occassions without being cut off. I found AOL to be quite good reliability wise, there wasn't a set 2 hour cut off as with some ISP's but occassionally the line would drop but no more than other ISP's I believe.

Tesco are also doing unlimited dial-up internet access for about £12.50 I think don't know about cutoff times but might be worth a look.

Overall I was happy with AOL, apart from their pricing which is and always has been higher than their compeitors, hence I stayed with them after moving up to BB. Like others have said though, its just a means to access the net, I too minimise AOL and use IE/ Firefox to surf.


Alliance, it was myself who called across from Brodick beach with news of Onspeed!

Onspeed needs you to route via the following- http proxy- localhost port-5400 for any data you need it to compress, so if you set your browser up thus anything you do within that browser will speed up. The restrictions are on media files, (but don't worry, they are working on algorithms to allow you to watch that vital Britney Spears concert in real time.)

So ideal for java based platforms (Oanda, ACM, CBFX) but I couldn't get it to work for GFT, FXCM etc. I confess I'm no master of technology.

Tested on Oanda (the only true test as it is fully automatic and you don't have to work out if there's a sweaty guy requoting you to get his 15% commission on your losing trades), I found all fills and data download to be signicantly faster.

Regarding ol' AOL - it's good to see positive feedback about it here from several members ; but does it still take over your PC and tinker about mercilessly with your registry?
BT internet are a nice stable connection but only give you 150 hours per month; however you can then phone up their call centre and speak to an extremely nice lady in Bombay or similar who will give you extra hours if you threaten to cancel your subscription.

Ah... the things you do to survive the archaic world of dial up...
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ah Torch, sorry! How could I 4get that u were that beam of light ;)
Re AOL tinkering.....I have to say that I take great pleasure in finding and removing all the crap they try to impose both as programmes and registry entries. (sad I know)! They do like to know what ur doing online ;)