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News - January 29,2003
Silvermead Satellite ISP Finally Live

By:mark.j @ 1:58:pM - News Comments - SendNews [HERE] / PrintNews [HERE]It looks as if Silvermead, the slightly delayed broadband satellite ISP, has now finally gone live. Several pre-registrants have today reported receiving the following message:

Good Morning,

A short while ago you expressed an Interest in receiving information and updates from Silvermead about our new services. Well great news - the service that you asked to be kept up to date about, Silvermead Satellite Broadband, is now fully available and available for registration at our website.

Silvermead Satellite Broadband is an incredible new way to receive broadband internet access - wherever you live. No more waiting for ADSL exchanges or cable to be laid - you can get broadband now and be online in the next 14 days!


The service offers unlimited regular use for surfing, streaming, e-mails, messaging and downloading** and costs just £24.99 a month!

Learn more about our service here:

** We do have a fair usage policy which you can read here

One advantage of this service is its ability to work off an existing SkyDigital satellite dish, which obviously makes it easier for any potential Sky using customers to install. More discussion can be found in our Silvermead forum, thanks to Bill for the heads-up.

PS. I have no connection with above
Any Good For Trading?

Has anyone used this service for trading purposes, charting etc in real time?
Hi guys,

I have installed several Satellite solutions for Corporates.

The problem is delay. On average it will take something like 750mS for packets to be bounced off the Satellite. So real time will not be real time compared to say Cable Modem or ADSL.

Browsing the web, the difference is very noticeable compared to ADSL, or Cable.

File transfers are OK, but also tend not to be as good as ADSL or cable. This is again because the data throughput is dependent on delay. i.e The sender may send 100 packets (depends on window size) before pausing for an acknowledgement from the receiver. If the reciever is on Satellite then its going to pause a whole lot longer than normal. 25K per sec compared to 60K per sec is a real world example for a puesdo ADSL link.

My choice would be either ADSL, Cable or Tele2 Wireless (very good!) with Satellite an option only where the others are not available.

And of course, the UpLink is via dial up........ because you cant get cable or ADSL...... Expensive unsatisfacory alternative. But then if you live in the outback, there is a small benefit to be had against all odds of ever getting broadband.

Well I'm glad I got ADSL...yes, here in Cornwall ( But not in he outback).

I checked the phone exchange before putting in an offer on the new house (Redruth is OK).

As another wilderness dweller it was something I considered recently. I decided that as the satellite could only send downloads and uploads had to be by cable, there were 2 things to go wrong. Also I don't like to be the first to adopt new technology - let someone else evaluate it and sort out the problems. I decided to go down the ISDN route and have a 128KB connection. Not as good as ADSL, but a whole load better than dial-up modem. Fast connection and in practice 4x quicker than 56K modem.

Lots of satellite providers do not use a modem for the uplink. The ones I have installed for instance do not. The Satellite link is bi-directional.

This includes BTs offering for example.