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I am about to become an agent for a brand new company offering realistically priced satellite broadband to anywhere in the UK, via the Eutelstat satellite. The service will be aimed at home users and small companies that are unable to receive ADSL through an enabled BT exchange.

I have to visit the company at Leamington Spa tomorrow (Thursday)

Here's the deal, as I understand it at the moment:

Satellite dish and all equipment supplied and fitted by company engineer for £249.00

A monthly charge of £29.99.

All plus VAT

That's it!!

The service is "one way" in that it only provides download.

All uploading will be with your existing ISP for sending emails etc..

Apparently, there are others doing the same, but are dearer and use converted US equipment which, again apparently, doesn't't always work. Also, this company's download speeds are guaranteed wheras others are not.

All this company's equipment is sourced from the UK and Europe.

It seems a pretty good deal to me. The only trouble is having to keep the existing ISP which means 2 monthly bills.

It's just a question of how much we value ADSL. I've had terrestrial ADSL for about 3 months and find it absolutely incredible.

Anybody who might be interested can email me at [email protected] for full details in about a couple of days when I shall know the complete deal.

I hope that this sort of thing is allowed on this board.

Of course, I am keen to do business but, in addition, I thought that there would/ might be a few of you out there pleased to be informed

Hope to hear from a few of my fellow spreadbetters


Hi Steve,

There are better satellite options out there, offering both way comms.

However my experience over 5 or 6 corporate installations is that the inherent delay will make it difficult for use by daytraders. i.e do something then wait 2 seconds for a response.

Download rates have been about 50% of those from ADSL which can be explained by the delay. Any comms engineer (like me) will understand the reasons why, which is why I doubt this solution is any different.

Broadband...............anywhere in the UK

Hi JohnnyT

Thanks for your post

As a comms engineer, you have the advantage over me in that you know what you are talking about. I don't............yet!

I know, as you say, that there are others out there offering a 2 way service. But you didn't mention their prices. Of course 2 way is better, buteverything has its price. Out of reach of most private consumers.

There is only one company offering a similar service at around the same price but, and this is the big one, thay are unable to guarantee download speeds.

I include a copy/paste from my company's website which should clear up one of your points.


Full installation includes 60cm dish, "standard" installation (i.e. brick wall, up to 20m cable etc.) USB Satellite modem and software:
£249.99 plus VAT

Monthly bandwidth:

Transfer rates are guaranteed minimum speed:
Per Month
(Ex VAT) @ 400kbs @ 200kbs Remainder
Residential £29.99 300Mb 300Mb Best available
Club £50.00 800Mb 800Mb Best available
SME £85.00 2Gb 2Gb Best available
Cyber £150.00 4.5Gb 4.5Gb Best available

During my initial phone call to the company I raised this very point about speed. Their reply was that they had tested their serviceagainst an alongside pc with ADSL. The satellite download was faster. Not measurable, but at the very least not markedly slower. So, at the moment, I would have to argue with you about that.

Of course, I have to allow a certain amount of "salesman's license", but..............well, we shall see.

You may be correct in saying that this service might not benefit day traders, but then, as I said initially, it is really aimed at ordinary home users who don't want to wait for their exchange to be enabled for ADSL.

May I also take gentle umbrage at your :cheesy: sign-off.

I make most of my living from spreadbetting, and I can assure you that I am no mug


Dear JonnyT

I'd be very interested to hear which satellite offerings are better. At the moment I'm considering getting the BT offering which costs £1299+Vat for a 4 PC connection and £109.99 a month.

Do I understand you correctly in that you are saying satellite has a second or so delay, but then large transfer rates whereas ADSL has no delay.

I also earn a very good living from spreadbetting, but I don't mind you saying they are for mugs, as I'm sure for most traditional forms of daytrading there are better options than spreadbets.


Hi John,

Yes Satellite has a large latency when compared to Landlines.

For example pinging a server on the Internet from an ADSL connection may produce a repsonse in less than 20mS whereas with Satellite expect around 2 seconds. Afterall the signal is beamed up into space and then down again.

If you are using systems that do not require realtime then you may not notice it. You will certainly notice it for web browsing, the pages are delayed and overall the outcome is not unlike a 56k modem even using BTs Satellite web speed up port.

Now data transfer is affected by delay because after a certain amount of data has been sent, the sender requires a message from the reciever to say thanks, that was OK. No more data will be sent untill that message is recieved, else one to say there were errors. Now as a Satellite system has inbuild latency the throughput for a single connection will thus be reduced. This is standard TCP/IP.

With BTs offering the best I have managed is about 25K per sec when with BTs ADSL I get something like 58K per sec and quick web pages. You cannot compare the products.

Now as a Corporate if you are using the Satellite for say access to remote sites via VPN or Citrix the performance may not be acceptable. In my view it is not and I would never recommend it.

If you are trading the quotes you see are thus 2 seconds lagged from the market so you may get fills worse that you hoped.

oatman said:
If it's only one way traffic, how do you get your orders in?

Well, as I explained in my original post, all uploads are via your landline ISP
Bit of a waste of time then. It's more important to get your orders in than get a fill.
oatman said:
Bit of a waste of time then. It's more important to get your orders in than get a fill.

If you're a day trader, then you could be right. Me? I'm a spreadbetter, so don't care. The SB firm's delay in getting their next quote obviates the need for lightening fast action.


Day trading is for dimmos!!
Excuse me for asking, I'm a bit of a Dimmo, my price feed comes thru Eutelsat, so could I use the same dish?
Another point in question, why wouldn't a spreadbetter, oh, sorry, a mug, want a fast line? I'm intrigued, do you put your orders in when you get up in the morning and come home and see what you've done?
my input.... I've seen a couple of these type of companies come and go....... Good for sticksville with no possibility of real bband
Broadband............anywhere in the UK

oatman said:
Excuse me for asking, I'm a bit of a Dimmo, my price feed comes thru Eutelsat, so could I use the same dish?
Another point in question, why wouldn't a spreadbetter, oh, sorry, a mug, want a fast line? I'm intrigued, do you put your orders in when you get up in the morning and come home and see what you've done?

Can't answer the dish question

Spread betters need a fast feed, of course. I work off 1 and 3 minute charts myself. But we don't need to get orders filled etc in milliseconds
Hi Steve,

I'm not convinced that there's going to be a huge market for satellite and my guess is that wireless looks a far better alternative for those of us who live out in the sticks.

The reason I'm telling you this is because we've just been told that we've reached BT's trigger levels for the upgrade to our exchnage as a result of a local campaign in my area. The purpose of the campaign was twofold:

1. To get a trigger level set in order to upgrade our exchange.

2. Look for alternative ways of providing fast internet access for the Brenchley area.

If you take a look at the forum on the site, you'll see that there's a discussion on Wireless Broadband - which sets out the issues in this area of the market and while the comparisons are only being made between xDSL and Wireless, I think that you should also be able to infer from this that the price performance benefits of wireless over satellite are quite substantial.

I hope this is useful.

Hello everyone :),

Go to bts broadband page and you can see where it is availible thoughout the UK. Exchanges need to have a certain amount of registrations before it is "viable", lol, for bt to activate it.


A customer of mine has a friend at BTs Martlesham labs. He told my customer that BT were going to ditch satellite and roll out Broadband Wireless throughout the UK.

I have installed Tele2 Wireless for a few customers and can honestly say its a good product. Much better than Satellite.


Can you let me have details of tele2 wireless connection.
web site or phone No. Thanx.

I've been running a BT satelite system for about 2 years now - £79.49 per month. I Forget the installation charge but around £800 I think. I got it because I moved and cannot get ADSL, with little prospect in the forseeable future (I live right out in the sticks of the Derbyshire Peak District and the exchange only has about 800 users in total!).

My experience has been positive. Agreed the d/l transfer rate is probably less than ADSL but its a quantum leap ahead of my experiences with a regular £56k dial-up account.

I multitask Ionic's Sharescope Real-time + L2 Dealer + IG Markets CFD trading interface on it. I had a few problems to start with but they were resolved by disabling use of BT's proxy server. There have been a few other glitches aswell (isn't there with everything?) but nothing to make me consider scrapping it.

When sorting out the proxy-server problem with the BT techies I was told that they do not recommend it for use with real-time apps though, so the caution about inherent latency probably has merit. Until something better comes along (wireless sounds interesting and BT has just notified me that a major u/grade to the satelite service is immanent- whatever that may mean) it's a damn sight better than trying to operate with a standard dial-up connection.
rexyu said:
The service is "one way" in that it only provides download.

All uploading will be with your existing ISP for sending emails etc..

Perhaps I'm interpreting this a little too specifically rexyu, but when you type a URL into the address bar of IE (for instance) doesn't this have to be 'uploaded' to the DNS (or whatever) for the site to be found and for it to start downloading.

A strictly 'download only' service wouldn't achieve very much.
that system needs a terrestrial isp for the upload/internet bit - the isp communicates with the satellite service which only does the high speed download bit. It should be fine for streaming data (charting) - which is nearly all download but there would I am sure be a latency problem in intraday trading if the satellite download was used in the transaction path - I can see no advantage.

What U are getting is dial up rates on upload with adsl comparable download rates along with the latency introduced by satellite and exacerbated by terrestrial isp having to communicate with satellite downloader.

No sense in this half way house for trading - much better to go for 2 way satelite if u can't get a wired adsl internet connection