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Question for Chartman or any other tech guys.

Simple question, but if you don't know you don't know. Hence the asking.

Have both 56k modem (com port dial up) and adsl through the usb port.

Does the adsl access any of the com ports?

I only ask 'cause I suffered a meltdown last week and the dial up isp can't recognise the modem. Which has now installed itself on com 3.

The computer is teling me that com 1 and 2 are in use, hence the question before I redirect the modem to either of those ports and suffer any conflicts.

Also probably time to change broadband isp as my one. Sniffout. com have suddenly got the hump with anyone who stays online for more than 6 hours, claiming that some people are online and downloading for 24/7 and are ruining it for everyone else.

Which is what I thought the whole point of broadband was.
Surely my 12 hours a day isn't too much? And I'm only logged into IB and Sierra.

Thanks for the reply in advance.

Hi Options,

A usb ADSL connection has nothing to do with the Com ports.

It suggests to me you had a power spike or something, you have an internal modem that has been damaged.

Buy yourself a decent external one!


Just found a new broadband provider, starting very soon by all accounts.
This broadband isp is supposed to be the first to offer it for FREE
Don't know if it will happen or how they expect to make a profit from it. Probably from advertising and sidelines.
Dot com bubble rings a bell.

Still, if it's for free. I'll give it a look.

Anyone interested. PM me with your e mail address and I'll get the details over.

Better give me yours again Pinto. I know you are going to want a look, 'cause it has your magic word in it ;)


Thanks for the reply JT.

I think the modem may be okay. I had to load the os over the top and that may have given me problems.

Re format at the weekend I think.

Fingers crossed that it loads again.

I think the modem may be okay. I had to load the os over the top and that may have given me problems.

Why didn't you say that in the first post! Makes it totally different.

Usually though an internal modem will not take Com1 or Com2 as they are usually on board controllers. You can of course disable them in bios allowing your modem to utilise those ports. In you case though I dont think it will make a difference. Try deleting the modem and let PnP pick it up again.

Many thanks JT.

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