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Hello Traders
My first post although I've been looking in for a while. I currently have a multi-monitor set-up from a single XP PC, operates fine. I have ADSL from Nildram running through a Zyxel modem (USB connection). I would now like to also hook up my laptop (windows 98, one USB port) to the ADSL. My idea is to free up screenspace on the PC by running the chatrooms I use on the laptop. I don't need the computers to communicate with each other , the PC will communicate with the broker and charts provider, the laptop with the chatrooms. Is a router the answer? Is it best to dump the modem and get a "combined unit"? Will the ISP realise I am running 2 computers from the one connection? What would be a simple, low cost and robust set-up (I'm not at all a techie guy although I stuck the PC together)? I don't know if its important but I daytrade the Nasdaq.
Questions, questions, questions, lol!
Probably easier to get a router, but possible to buy a crossover cable if both computers have a network (ethernet) port and the computer that connects to the internet will share the connection but both have to be on at the same time
Router would be the option of choice this would allow your second computer to act as a backup in event that your main computer crashes, then you would have access to your execution platform to manage any open trades. If you network the two computers and the one that is handling the internet connection crashes then you are out of the game until you can get the computer back up and running.
Get a router with built in ADSL modem and connect via LAN, not USB. Hook in both PC's to it as suggested above. Extra benefit is the "built in" hardware firewall, for extra secutiy.
Thanks folks for the prompt reply, sounds like router is the way to go. Good points raised. Can you advise on what LAN is (know it means local area network but thats all). Will I need network cards for laptop and PC and what else will I need in terms of hardware and software (apart from Router)? I may have network cards but not sure (like I said not a techie, lol).
Thanks again
You would need networkcards in both computers, but this tends to come as standard these days any software the router might require I imagine would be bundled with it. Not a techie myself so someone will correct me if I'm wrong. Any good PC shop should be able to advise, and there are a lot of guys on this board who seem to know their way around a computer.
Thanks rogue. My laptop is a few years old now, don't know if it has a card and can't find anything exploring around it. This sounds like I need specialist help! Maybe best to just get another screen instead, I have room for one more.
Have you got what looks like a square modem socket (sometimes comes with a flap)?
Your network card should be listed in start > settings > control panel > system > device manager > network adapters. If you don't have one you could always buy a pcmca card networking card
Jumpin, the laptops got a normal modem socket (plug-in a telephone line for dial-up connection). Rogue, under network adaptors, the laptop has a "dial-up adaptor" and "IBM thinkpad fast infrared port". The PC has a "compaq NC3120 fast ethernet NIC" (on PCI slot, I think I put it in when I put the PC together!) and "SiS 900-based PCI fast ethernet adaptor" (on PCI bus 0, device 4, function 0) and the adsl modem. Don't know what all that means but looks like PC has a card and laptop doesn't?
thanks GJ, yes you spell out good reasons for going in this direction. The only problem is I know virtually nothing about networking (or computing in general). I have a XP PC, an old laptop, an ADSL modem. From what I've seen so far I think I have a network connection (or 2?) on the PC but not on the laptop although I don't really know for certain. The general solution mentioned by chartman sounds fine, I just need to work out how to do it lol!