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Techies please help I'm going out of my mind!

I have just purchased Wireless Broadband Router, PCI Card and Laptop Card and a Netgear ADSL Modem (with Ethernet and USB connections).

I think I have set up the router OK. The problem comes when connecting to the net. I cannot get a connection through my new modem.

What I cannot understand is how to set up the username/password for my ISP. According to the manual to set up the modem I must start up a browser and type but when I do this I get no response. Do I have to connect to the net by a dial up connection and then open a browser? If so, I have also tried this and still I get no web page!

Are you using a separate router and ADSL modem? I have a netgear combined ADSL modem and Router and by typing I can access the settings for the both regardless of whether or not it's conencted to the net. So no, you won't have to connect to the net to get this page.

Try opening a command prompt in windows and typing in "ipconfig" this should help you to figure out whether your network is setup correctly. You should get a response something like this:

Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection:

Connection-specific DNS Suffix . :
IP Address. . . . . . . . . . . . :
Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . :
Default Gateway . . . . . . . . . :

Hence my ID on the network is and my router/adsl modem is which is my default gateway to the internet. Of course these are internal IPs for your home network and nothing to do with the actual ips used on the internet (that's like a totally different network, where your ISP will assign you with another IP).

I guess the first to check is to make sure the network works, ie you can see other pcs (your laptop) from your desktop pc. Only then tackle the problem of getting onto the net.

I must admit I had some help from my brother who's a network systems engineer, having someone like that around is always handy!
Step 1.
Connect the ADSL modem direct to the PC with an ethernet cable.
Then do your http: and setup the modem with your logon and password +any other data and make sure you can get on the net.
THEN try try it with the wireless bits.
I've had endless problems with wireless networking under WINXP :(
Good luck!
Managed to get onto httpxxxxxxxx by connecting modem directly to PC. However I should get a screen asking if I my ISP requires a username/password (which it does) but I have no option for this it goes straight ontoVPI and VCI inputs.


Just for fun,
my DLink configuration requires (don't ask me why) router as, modem, and under XP it is sometimes necessary to tell the LAN port it's sometimes, autoconfig at others. I STRONGLY suggest you phone Netgear up and get their techies to talk you through it - Ethernet can be a total illogical pig to set up, it's one of those 'knack' things. (I've been doing E/net for most of the last decade and still needed DLink tech help to get it all set up).
Get your life back - make them talk through it while you sit at the keyboard doing it... you (seriously) can waste days on this for lack of a single piece of info.
It's pants, frankly, but you have to do it.... if I lived my life over I'd definitely say 'scr** this' the first time I saw an ethernet cable <g>

Thanks to all for their help. Believe it or not the biggest problem was the modem configuration. The wireless networking was a doddle after that!

I can now trade from the bottom of the garden (providing we get somemore sun!)