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A question for Chartman or any other technical wizards out there.

I use BT's OpenWorld Broadband service at home. At the moment I have just one PC using it. The PC is plugged directly into the supplied modem.

I would now like to get other PCs (at least one to start with) to share the same broadband connection.

All my PCs have network cards and are connected through a hub.

Do I need to get more equipment - someone mentioned a router or something ? And what else do I need to do? :confused:

Any replies very gratefully received.

You can plug the ADSL modem straight into the hub, or you can buy a BB router. The hub solution means you need to set up internet sharing on your PC's. Not easy. The router solution is plug and go.It also has the benefit that the "Main" PC doesn't have to be on for the other PC's to get access to the web.It also has in intrinsic built in harware firewall- very safe. :) costs about £60.
I presently use 2 computers connected by a 'Linksys Etherfast 5-port workgroup hub' and BT ADSL Broadband. The modem (BT supplied Alcatel speedtouch USB) goes into the first 'main' computer -USB connection - and the second computer gets its internet connection through the first. (I don't know how I would, if I could, physically connect the modem directly into the hub).
This does mean the first computer has to be on for the 2nd to get internet connection (or just unplug plug the modem and stick it in the 2nd directly) but this has never been a problem.
Theoretically I MAY be breaking the rules of BT's Broadband agreement by having 2 computers attached, but who's to tell?
We're gonna have to get you to post a definitive computer page CM and keep it permanently on the front page.
These technical probs and questions crop up all the time.
Such as how do I link 2 computers together to go through a broadband connection, or normal line connection come to that?
I didn't think that was possible.
Running 2 monitors off 1 computer?
What would happen if I linked 2 comps together with their own monitors? (Actually, could you answer that one for me? I have been using seperate systems up till now.)

Us lay people haven't got a clue, so flounder from one thing to another.

Might be an idea to get a mail order thing going. I would much rather buy from someone I know rather than at the local pc world from a sales asistant that does't know their floppy from their ram.
I always end up coming away with the wrong lead etc, after being assured that it is what I want and will fit, 'no problem'

As a trader you know what we want/need and getting the complete set up from you might not be a bad thing. You could even set up the ultimate trading system :)

All the best.

Ta, HJK,
You answered one question for me.
We must both have been writing at the same time.

Can't you tell the futures go quiet at lunchtime. lol.

Yes, I have built a few tasty PC's for traders- customised to their requirements. Most poeple have delusions of grandure that are seldom anything to do with the real world or their actual requirements.
If any regulars here want to phone me for advice, feel free. My works number is 01 252 515 666.
Just don't start asking questions about software ......... unless it's Sierra :)
Thanks for your replies guys.

Chartman - just one more question : I think the router solution sounds best, any particular make/model of router I should go for ?


I've got a D-Link DSL-504. Modem with built in router and firewall capable of serving 200 odd machines and easy to use. Cost ~£100. Defiantly recommended.

I don't know if it's any help at all, but I bought a usb network adapter that connected very very easily cross platform (ie xp - win98).. Not as fast as a card but 6x the speed of ADSL so ample. The particular make I purchased was Belkin, and have run it for a year with no problems. This also gives you the flexibility to plug in any back up computer (laptop,etc.) if the 2nd computer goes down. If you are using XP then it comes with internet connection sharing software built in.. With win98 this particular connector came with a setup wizard that worked...

I have a software firewall (norton) through my main computer.

For those that asked, my favourite hardware sites are,, and in no particular order...

Multi-monitors are very straightforward on any O/S from Win98 onwards, I think I have an old explanation sheet lying around somewhere that I knocked up a few years back.. the hardware specified will be out of date by about 3 years but if anyone wants a copy drop me a line.. Very good site for configurations and which card works with which at

Happy Trading!!! :D
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Hi BB.
Good to hear from you. Hope you are keeping well and not suffering too much earache from the Canadian other half.

If you can find it. I would appreciate a copy of the monitor thing.

All the best.

In case anyone's interested, I did finally get two computers working from my BTopenworld Broadband connection.

It wasn't quite so straight forward because the modem supplied by BT doesn't have its own Ethernet port. (It plugs into a Pc's USB port).

Basically, I had to ditch the supplied modem and bought a new combined modem/router - a D_LIink DSL -504 as recommended by SP23 in an earlier post.

Setup wasn't quite as easy as I would have liked (and I work in IT so I had a fair idea of what I was doing), but I got there in the end.

Works fine now

Thanks to all for your help and commencts.
For anyone interested I used an ActionTec Wireless ADSL Modem/Router

This replaced the Alcatel frog and added Wireless network connectivity. I now have internet access anywhere in my house or garden for upto 253 PCs. Cost around £150 and has improved ping responses for games etc by around 50%.