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Hiya folks,

Getting broadband at last in my area... :cheesy:

So a new lot of problems now become available to me lol :confused:

email is the first one apart from web based mail like hotmail and of course our very stylish T2W email, how i access my already current email accounts? through the web seems the only way with them as bt do not support access to them.

So what email account are available to me? It seem the only obvious option is the BT openworld option but its still a paid for service (I know its only a couple of quid but they are robbing gits)

1:?: Can any suggest other email providers that support access through broadband.
2:?: What other hurdles can i expect from the transition to Broadband?


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2 What other hurdles can i expect from the transition to Broadband?

Getting the provider to fix it when it goes wrong lol

Good Luck


Ah it's the little things in life that make it worthwhile :p
I use btopenworld via broadband and as far as I'm aware I don't pay anything for the e-mail.

I agree with Boy. Use Outlook or I prefer Outlook express, and download all my accounts into one. Hotmail for personal and btopenworld for trading related e-mails.

A word of warning though, Spreadbet is right. Once broadband goes wrong it takes ages to get it right.
In London we had a Lightening strike in our area and it took out the BT exchange. It took BT 3 days to figure out it wasn't working followed by 3 days to put it right. 6 days that's 144 hours of no trading :devilish:
Seriously though it does take time to fix, but I've had it go wrong once in about 3 years.

Apart from that enjoy the fast world of the Internet :)
Hi Newtron

I have also recently got broadband. I can still access my old pop3 email via outlook express when connected via broadband. To send out going mail I was advised to download the mail server programme from the following site www.postcast.com. Its free.
This then allows you to send out going mail using your current email address via a new server that it sets up on your system, you therefore do not need to pay anyone anymore money - funnily enough BT dont tell you this!

I have been using this for about a month now with several email accounts and have had no problems. It has a veru easy set up Wisard and only take a few minutes.
Thanks for all you help and ideas it is much appreciated.

Boy, the problem is that i want to use outlook but broadband wont support pop3 as james500 has said so the problems start as soon as ive upgraded.

james500 thank you for your help i will give this a look.

oatman i'll look at that for changing all my accounts to one, thanks

FTSEBeater, BT openworld do charge a small amount about £3 but as your aware there not much help in suggesting alternative
we've all "got there number" but can we get through to them???

thanks again for all you replies
It might be worth paying a little bit rather go for cheapest or free option. When things go wrong it's worth every penny.
You can't afford to be offline long.
Newtron Bomb,

An important thing that has not been mentioned yet, get yourself a good firewall program (If you don't have one already).

Thanks Andreas,
got it covered, ZA pro and AVG from grisoft.

Oatman, thanks again for the input. Am looking to transfer all my accounts to one email (they add up over the years dont they?) I will go for the best deal for my requirements i just just needed to know what was available.

Thank you all again for you views
Postcast server

For all those who have broadband and have had to change email accounts or like me want to be able to continue using pop3 mail accounts. James500 pointed this program out to me which should solve this problem postcast server

HTH :cheesy:
Getting Broadband has solved a lot of problems rather than created them in my opinion.

I got Freeserve and although they do not support networking, we managed to network our home computers quite adequately.

I have had no problems at all - the increased speed is superb and essential.

For email I use Outlook Express, Freeserve web based email, Hotmail etc. Web based emails are notoriously slow.

Outlook Express is the service I have always found to be the best, fastest and most reliable.