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Death to BT

minx said:
I had this crap from Wanadoo too, they said it'd take 2 weeks to connect to the number of the house I was just about to move into, 2 weeks after I move in no broadband. They tell me the number doesnt exist even though I'm calling them from it (why do they say these stupid things?!?!?!). I called BT to use their broadban service and they say it can take 21 days to disconnect my current (non) connection and then 10 working days to connect to them.........I went back to wanadoo and moaned and shouted, next day its all up and running........the mind boggles. :rolleyes:

I recently moved and while BT managed to move the number at precisely the time they said they would, on the broadband front it was appalling. Apart from days to get the service transferred, I kept getting stupid e-mails from my broadband supplier because BT was lying to them, e.g the postcode doesn't exist - it did, the number didn't exist it did, etc. :devilish:

If you want cheering up enter "hate BT" into goggle - about 160,000 hits. No wonder.


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adrianallen99 said:
. My line isnt due to be connected till tomorrow and according to BT my line isnt connected yet, i guess the fact that its been working for over a week mean nothing ;)

ROFL, don't celebrate too soon, the fact that it is working when it shouldn't be may mean it won't be working when it should.